National Socialist Education: How We Can Learn to Recognize a Person’s Race


Excerpts from the book The National-Socialist Essence of Education

  1. Summarise the spiritual characteristics of the individual races.
  2. Collect from the stories, essays, and poems examples of ethnological illustrations. Underline those terms which describe the type and mode of the expression of the soul.
  3. What are the expressions, gestures, and movements which allow one to make conclusions as to the attitude of the individual of the racial soul?
  4. Determine also the physical features which go hand in hand with the specific racial soul characteristics of the individual figures.
  5. Try to discover the intrinsic nature of the racial soul through the characters in stories and poetical works in terms of their inner attitude. Apply this mode of observation to persons in your own environment.
  6. Collect propaganda posters and caricatures for your race book, and arrange them according to a racial scheme.

(a) What image of beauty is emphasised by the artist in posters publicising sports and travel?

(b) What image of beauty is emphasised by the artist in publicity for cosmetics? (c) How are hunters, mountain climbers, and shepherds drawn?

  1. Collect from illustrated magazines, newspapers, and so on, pictures of great scholars, statesmen, artists, and others who distinguish themselves by their special accomplishments (for example, in economic life, politics, sports). Determine the preponderant race and admixture, according to the physical characteristics. Repeat this exercise with the pictures of great men of all Nations and times.
  2. When viewing monuments, busts, and so on, be sure to pay attention to the race of the person being portrayed with respect to figure, bearing, and physical characteristics. Try to harmonise these determinations with the features of the racial soul.
  3. Observe people whose special racial features have drawn your attention, also with respect to bearing when moving or when speaking. Observe their expressions and gestures.
  4. Observe the Jew: his way of walking, his bearing, gestures, and the movements when talking.
  5. What strikes you about the way a Jew talks and sings?
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Joachim Tee Shirts at White Resister!!


Recently added at White Resister Tee shop is a beautifully done remembrance of our Patron Saint Joachim. I can not think of a better Christmas gift or choose from one of the other great designs there. Some can be purchased for only 14.88 euros!

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They Just Destroyed a Giant Swastika with Bulldozers


The sad follow up story to the news of it’s discovery last week.

When construction workers unearthed a giant concrete swastika on a sports field in the northern German city of Hamburg, Far Left Mayor Falko Drossmann immediately ordered it destroyed.

“Of course, in the social media from worldwide, people said we had to leave it, it’s a historical monument. But for us, it’s not,” Drossmann told As It Happens host Carol Off.

“We don’t have to keep a four-times-four meter big swastika to be remembered of our history.”

The Jews of Hamburg, he said, also wanted it gone.

“Most of the non-whites and Jews in Hamburg said: Throw it away, put it away, destroy it. Where are the jackhammers?”

So on Friday, after clearing the plan with conservation authorities, that’s exactly what the city did.

At noon local time, a team of workers cracked open the ancient symbol with jackhammers and tore it apart with a bulldozer.

“Now it’s gone,” Drossmann said. “It’s just another page in the history books.”

The patriotic symbol, which was unearthed beneath the Hein-Klink sports field in the city’s Billstedt district, was actually the foundation for a monument celebrating the strength of German workers that was torn down decades ago, the mayor said.

It was built 72 years ago as part of a government make-work program, and the swastika was originally covered in bricks, he said.

“In 1945, they destroyed the swastika, the brick swastika, but they left the foundation of the swastika underneath the earth. They just put some dirt over it,” he said. “Then everybody forgot it after a few years.”

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The Righteous & Victorious Allies Starved, Abused & Enslaved German Children in Eastern Europe

The Western Allies did not intervene to help ethnic German children in Eastern Europe since they regarded all Germans as perpetrators of World War II.

Source: The Righteous & Victorious Allies Starved, Abused & Enslaved German Children in Eastern Europe

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