30 January 1915


Joachim Peiper was born

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Hungarian Mass Honoring Miklos Horthy Canceled After Jewish Protests


A Budapest church has called off a memorial mass it was planning to hold in honor of Miklos Horthy , former Hungarian leader and NSDAP ally on Saturday – “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” – after protests from Hungarian Jews and the World Jewish Congress.

Parliament’s deputy speaker who is member of the ruling Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, had been due to speak at the event .


The planned ceremony for Horthy, an admiral who led Hungary for 24 years until 1944  triggered strong objections from Jewish organizations.

With the WJC declaring it a provocative measure honoring an “unabashed anti-semite”, the Budapest church which had organized the Catholic ceremony, canceled the event on Thursday.

The affair, ahead of a parliamentary election on April 8, has thrown a spotlight again on the policies of Orban who has an ambivalent track record on anti-Semitism.

He has repeatedly pledged zero tolerance for anti-Semitism, though he has called Horthy an “exceptional statesman.” He has risked angering Israel and Jewish people with remarks about “ethnic homogeneity”  ahead of the April 8 election.


He has also used a massive billboard campaign against U.S. billionaire George Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew, to promote an anti-immigrant agenda.

Zoltan Osztie, the priest of the Budapest church, said the church had a tradition of organizing a mass for Horthy each year and nobody had noticed that Saturday was also International Holocaust Remembrance  day .

“We could be blamed for this perhaps, but these two events can not be juxtaposed. Nonetheless, after discussion with church leaders a decision has been made that neither the memorial ceremony nor the mass will take place,” he told szemlelek.blog.hu.

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder asked Orban to intervene, calling the event “nothing short of a provocative measure.”





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30 Jan 1945


The worst sea disaster in history, occurred on this date, 30 Jan 1945…. This defenceless German hospital ship, the Wilhelm Gustloff, overflowing with refugees fleeing the Red Army, was torpedoed, in the Baltic Sea, by a Soviet Russian submarine, 30 Jan 1945….. Fleeing from the brutal Soviet Red Army onslaught, the Wilhelm Gustloff civilian hospital ship is ready to leave port jammed with over 10,000 German refugees, naval personnel and wounded. The vessel is designed to hold a maximum of 1,880 passengers and crew. Of the refugees, a staggering four thousand are infants, children and youths on their way to promising safety in the West. Minus 18° Celsius (0° Fahrenheit) weather grips the Oxhöft Pier in Gotenhafen (Gdynia) on Tuesday the 30th day of January 1945.
Soviet submarine captain Alexander Marinesko slips into the Gulf of Danzig… Sometime before 8PM , the first officer on the S-13 spots lights in the distance. Marinesko promptly makes his way to the conning tower. When the snow clears for a moment he spots in his words “the silhouette of an [enormous] ocean liner, even [with its] lights showing”. Marinesko, around 9PM, gives the command to fire all four of the torpedoes of the S-13’s tubes.
At 9:16PM , the first torpedo strikes the front of the ship, blowing a gaping hole in the port bow. Moments later, the second hits further astern where the swimming pool is located. Finally, the third scores a direct hit in the engine room below the funnel. Passengers and crew are thrown off their feet with the thunderous booms. Those near direct points of impact are practically vapourised… People slide off the icy decks and into the freezing water. The ship lists more and more with each passing minute. Lifeboats are frozen to their davits. People claw and smash at them with bare hands trying to free them. Seventy minutes after the first torpedo has struck the Gustloff plunges to the depths, below the surface of the icy Baltic, taking thousands of trapped souls with it. All of its lights come on in a final blaze of farewell. Wailing sirens drown with the ship as it descends into the depths.
The Löwe, first on the scene, continues to pluck survivors (in total 472) out of lifeboats and the water using nets. It is no easy task – waves can be metres high. Another torpedo boat T-36 arrives just in time to see the liner go under. It gets to work rescuing survivors (total of 564). Three minesweepers eventually arrive to assist in a desperate race against time and the cold waters of the Baltic, saving a total of 179 survivors between them. By the time freighters Göttingen and Gotenland and other smaller boats arrive to assist, they are plucking mostly frozen lifeless bodies from the water.
In any tragedy however, miracles can happen. Seven hours after the ship went down, a small patrol boat VP-1703 arrives to a sea of floating bodies. Its onboard searchlight finds a lifeboat. When Petty Officer Werner Fick jumps in to inspect it, he discovers an infant wrapped tightly in a wool blanket – astonishingly alive among the frozen corpses. This is the last official survivor of the Wilhelm Gustloff.
The total number of survivors rescued number approximately 1,230. Over 9,000 go to their deaths – trapped at the bottom of the Baltic or floating frozen on its icy surface.
The sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff was a war crime & the worst loss of life at sea ever…. dwarfting even the Titanic’s loss of life…

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Today’s Gallery









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The Day of the Aryan Awakening

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Writings Of Leon Degrelle



READ PDF _Campaign-in-Russia-Leon-Degrelle




READ PDF enigma-of-hitler


READ PDF Born At Versailles


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Celebrate Sanity

January 27 is the day the world is told to bow down to remember the Auschwitz gas chamber myth and lie. We chose this day to tell a different story … our story of sanity, science and honest research.

This year I hope all readers will spread the word of Monika Schaefer’s incarceration to illustrate  the real human rights violation which is brought down upon all who make head way into breaking open the false Holocaust narrative.


So please … help us fight the old war propaganda! Stand up to the false narratives. Spread the word!

Spread the  website Jan27.org and  the new, special articles for 2018 to your friends and acquaintances. Our theme this year is “Exposing the Allies’ hate, murder and revenge against Germans”.

There are two book reviews for the important new book by our great revisionist Carlo Mattogno – Commandant of Auschwitz: Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions. What Höss was put through by the British who captured him defies description, and Mattogno covers every inch of it meticulously in his book.

There is also  a new article by Carolyn Yeager about how the U.S. Army allowed a diagnosed psychopath to carry out the hangings of the 10 “major war criminals” found guilty in the first military tribunal at Nuremberg, and of many other German victims of Allied (in)justice.

Another new article by Hadding Scott, which should prove to be just as popular as his two previous articles written especially for our past commemorations, which we had to copyright because so many people were taking it entire for their sites as soon as it appeared. This one is based on Edwin Black’s book IBM and the Holocaust.

Germar Rudolf’s video about the legal system in the “Democratic” Federal Republic of Germnay, which discriminates against the rights of the German people and gives all power to the anti-German state. Germar describes in detail how it does that.

Also have an article about Amazon’s “year of the revisionist book banning” and who is responsible, which also ultimately discriminates against the German people and the truth of their history.


So do visit Jan27 International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp” Narrative and invite and introduce as many others as you can to our message. It is a message of life, hope and good news.

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The Reich in Photos – Germany Awaken (1933) – Colourized Photos

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Smiling Max Wünsche








Max Wünsche was born on 20 April 1914 in Kittlitz. In July 1933 Wünsche joined the SS. In 1935, he graduated from SS-Junkerschule at Bad Tölz and was promoted to Untersturmführer. Wünsche was then posted to the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) as a platoon leader. In October 1938, Wünsche was assigned as an orderly officer for Hitler. In that role, Wünsche joined the Führerbegleitkommando (the SS bodyguard unit) which provided personal security for Hitler.

In January 1940 he was again posted to the LSSAH, as a platoon commander in a motorcycle company under the command of Kurt Meyer, for the invasion of the Netherlands and the Battle of France. In December 1940 he became an adjutant to Sepp Dietrich where he stayed during the invasion of the Balkans (Operation Marita) and the invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa). In February 1942 Wünsche was given the command of the LSSAH Sturmgeschütz (assault gun) battalion.

In 1942 Wünsche completed the General Staff training course at the Staff College in Germany and was promoted to Sturmbannführer. In September 1942 he was posted to the LSSAH and resumed command of the Sturmgeschütz battalion; in October he assumed command of a battalion in a Panzer regiment of LSSAH. His battalion’s first action was at Kharkov in 1943. On 25 February 1943 Wünsche led his tankers into action against a defensive position manned by the Soviet 350th Rifle Division. Supported by artillery and a company of SS grenadiers, Wünsche’s battalion launched its attack and overran the Soviet front lines, destroying a number of anti-tank guns. Wünsche’s assault would lead to the destruction of 47 artillery pieces and anti-tank guns. During the assault 800 Soviet troops were killed. For his actions during the battles for Kharkov, Wünsche was awarded the German Cross in Gold and later the Knight’s Cross, both in February 1943.

In June 1943, Wünsche was transferred to a new division forming in France, 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend, to take command of the 12th SS Panzer Regiment. On 6 June 1944, the Allies landed in Normandy (Operation Overlord) and the division was committed to action on 7 June. The division was later trapped in the Falaise pocket, where on the night of 20 August, Wünsche escaped out of the pocket on foot. He was wounded and captured by British soldiers.

In 1944, Wünsche was taken prisoner and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of war in camp 165 at Caithness, Scotland, a special camp for high-ranking German officers. In 1948 Wünsche was released and returned to Germany. He died in 1995.



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Great Quotes



“I know that someone has to step forward in face of our current situation – meaning the inner and outer, the corporeal and the spiritual plight of our people. I have searched for that man. I haven’t been able to find him anywhere, so I got to my feet and started to do the preliminary work, only the most basic preliminary work, because I know that I am not he. And I also know what I lack. But the other, he isn’t here yet, and nobody else is stepping forward, and there is no time to be wasted!”

~ Warum, woher, aber wohin? by Hans Grimm

“It was 1515 hours. I asked for his orders for the last time. Outwardly calm and in a quiet voice, as if he were sending me into the garden to fetch something, he said: ‘Linge, I am going to shoot myself now. You know what you have to do. I have given the order for the break-out. Attach yourself to one of the groups and try to get through to the west.’ To my question what we should fight for now, he answered: ‘For the Coming Man’.”

~ With Hitler to the End: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s Valet by Heinz Linge

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