German Sent To Prison For Mocking Holocaust


A 32-year-old German man was sentenced to 18 months in prison last week for posting a picture of a miniature of the Auschwitz death camp on Facebook with an offensive caption. Displaying  symbols of the NSDAP is illegal in Germany. Judge Manfred Weber at the district court in Hohenstein-Ernstthal in eastern Germany fulfilled the stereotype of a censorship court with the simplistic declaration “you made fun of Auschwitz survivors — that’s very bad.”

Germany  does not take lightly to jokes about the Holocaust or their NSDAP past. In October, a 41-year-old intoxicated American was punched and injured by a passerby in downtown Dresden after repeatedly giving the Nazi salute. The tourist’s assailant escaped the scene of the attack.

The Chinese embassy in Berlin cautioned its citizens in October to honor local laws after two men, aged 36 and 49, were arrested for taking pictures of each other on Saturday performing the Hitler salute outside of the Reichstag building, a popular tourist spot and historic edifice in Berlin. The tourists were fined some $600 each. In 2011, a 30-year-old Canadian was detained and fined for giving the  salute in the same location.

Germany has continued its plunge into censorship and criminalization despite the failure of its speech laws to curtail free expression.

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