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“I know that someone has to step forward in face of our current situation – meaning the inner and outer, the corporeal and the spiritual plight of our people. I have searched for that man. I haven’t been able to find him anywhere, so I got to my feet and started to do the preliminary work, only the most basic preliminary work, because I know that I am not he. And I also know what I lack. But the other, he isn’t here yet, and nobody else is stepping forward, and there is no time to be wasted!”

~ Warum, woher, aber wohin? by Hans Grimm

“It was 1515 hours. I asked for his orders for the last time. Outwardly calm and in a quiet voice, as if he were sending me into the garden to fetch something, he said: ‘Linge, I am going to shoot myself now. You know what you have to do. I have given the order for the break-out. Attach yourself to one of the groups and try to get through to the west.’ To my question what we should fight for now, he answered: ‘For the Coming Man’.”

~ With Hitler to the End: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s Valet by Heinz Linge

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  1. Great portrait of AH!

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