Last Photos Of Rudolf Hess


The last pictures of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess have been found and put on sale along with a note to his son about his mysterious flight to Britain to try to end the war.

The never-before-seen images show the former deputy Fuhrer as a frail and elderly man in the grounds of the infamous Spandau Prison.

Hess spent 41 years in the West Berlin jail after the war, when he was  sentenced to life behind bars.

a summer house (pictured) that had been built for him in the grounds on August 17 1987



The archive also contains pictures of the prison and a grim and bleak picture showing the cells

The whole jail (pictured) was demolished  in 1987 to prevent it becoming a shrine for the NSDAP.

The images of him are believed to have been taken by William Orwin, deputy chief warden at Spandau. Also included in this auction is a note Hess wrote to his son , written on the back of a postcard Wolf had originally given to his incarcerated father.

It never made its way to his son and ended up in archives kept by Mr Orwin. It also contains pictures of Wolf as a child and images of the Hess family.

Among the other documents are written requests from Hess for clothing and toiletries to prison staff.

There are also letters sent to him from his family and cover trivial topics like illneses, birthdays and holidays.

The  package is being sold at auction by Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, in Wiltshire. It is expected to go for £8,000 this Saturday.

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