Celebrate Sanity

January 27 is the day the world is told to bow down to remember the Auschwitz gas chamber myth and lie. We chose this day to tell a different story … our story of sanity, science and honest research.

This year I hope all readers will spread the word of Monika Schaefer’s incarceration to illustrate  the real human rights violation which is brought down upon all who make head way into breaking open the false Holocaust narrative.


So please … help us fight the old war propaganda! Stand up to the false narratives. Spread the word!

Spread the  website Jan27.org and  the new, special articles for 2018 to your friends and acquaintances. Our theme this year is “Exposing the Allies’ hate, murder and revenge against Germans”.

There are two book reviews for the important new book by our great revisionist Carlo Mattogno – Commandant of Auschwitz: Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions. What Höss was put through by the British who captured him defies description, and Mattogno covers every inch of it meticulously in his book.

There is also  a new article by Carolyn Yeager about how the U.S. Army allowed a diagnosed psychopath to carry out the hangings of the 10 “major war criminals” found guilty in the first military tribunal at Nuremberg, and of many other German victims of Allied (in)justice.

Another new article by Hadding Scott, which should prove to be just as popular as his two previous articles written especially for our past commemorations, which we had to copyright because so many people were taking it entire for their sites as soon as it appeared. This one is based on Edwin Black’s book IBM and the Holocaust.

Germar Rudolf’s video about the legal system in the “Democratic” Federal Republic of Germnay, which discriminates against the rights of the German people and gives all power to the anti-German state. Germar describes in detail how it does that.

Also have an article about Amazon’s “year of the revisionist book banning” and who is responsible, which also ultimately discriminates against the German people and the truth of their history.


So do visit Jan27 International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp” Narrative and invite and introduce as many others as you can to our message. It is a message of life, hope and good news.

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