Writings Of Leon Degrelle



READ PDF _Campaign-in-Russia-Leon-Degrelle




READ PDF enigma-of-hitler


READ PDF Born At Versailles


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  1. Great books from one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century!

  2. What about ‘Hitler Democrat’? Have you read it?

  3. I have not , do you happen to have a PDF link?

    • No and I haven’t read it either. Think I’ll order it, seems interesting(after all the man spent some considerable time in the company of the Führer). As soon as I have it, and it will take some time as I live in Eastern Europe, I’ll make a pdf and send it to you.

      From here: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v06/v06p221_Chapman.html

      “The first manuscript of 1268 pages is divided into three parts and is entitled: Hitler: Born in Versailles. It is the foundation of the thirteen succeeding books which will average 400 pages each, complete with reproductions of previously unpublished documents and photographs of key personalities. Each volume will deal with a specific aspect of Hitler’s legacy. They will be entitled: Hitler the Democrat, Hitler and the Church, Hitler and the Germans, Hitler and the United States, Hitler and Stalin, Hitler and England, Hitler and France, Hitler and the Banks, Hitler and the Communists, Hitler and the Jews, Hitler the Politician, Hitler the Military Strategist, and Hitler and the Third World.”

      Do you have any idea if other books on this list were completed and just awaiting translation? Or “Hitler Democrat” is all we have?

      Best to you.

      • It is a confusing affair. I am not sure that ‘Democrat’ is just not a republishing of Born in Versailles. This is what Barnes review, publisher of ‘Democrat’ has to say, “The original typescript of this book, written in the early 1990s, had been temporarily lost, but both Degrelle’s wife, Jeanne, and publisher Willis Carto still held earlier drafts of some of Degrelle’s writings. Through a laborious process of careful reconstruction, the staff of The Barnes Review were able to literally resurrect Degrelle’s lost work.”
        Though this sounds new I have read comments that suggest it is the same book. I also came across this very interesting tidbit about IHR , the publisher that originally commissioned the multi volume set. Under Mark Weber’s leadership the work had been suppressed and rejected in the following short callous letter from IHR:
        Dear General Degrelle:
        It is our difficult task to inform you that an editorial review at IHR has established that, as so far received, the several volumes on the biography of Adolf Hitler you have submitted are unpublishable. The problems include: A fundamental lack of historical objectivity; Numerous errors of fact; Excessive reliance on other texts, either properly cited or with citation omitted; Frequent repetitions.
        At this time, supported by our board of directors and on the advice of our attorney, we must ask you to stop work on the Hitler project.
        Signed Theodore O’Keefe

        I had no idea of this background and can only assume that IHR has an agenda against the truth. The introduction continues,
        Although Degrelle was 87, he was still in remarkable health and retained full mental capacity. But the receipt of O’Keefe’s malicious letter coupled with the events at the IHR, coming at such a critical time in the twilight of his long career, hurt the general severely. He immediately sickened and on April 1, 1994 the Angel of Death finally took this man who had cheated him so many times before. Communist bullets, flame-throwers,grenades, shrapnel, tanks, assassination squads, jailers and torturers could
        not kill Leon Degrelle, but treason did.

  4. Check this: https://www.google.ro/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://emahiser.christogenea.org/sites/default/files/Viewing%2520Bolshevism%2520Through%2520the%2520Eyes%2520of%2520Adolf%2520Hitler.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwj56o6cq5ncAhUQUlAKHQp2ALcQFjAFegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw1F8lPyMnIOpt2BwuHFnM5P

    Quotes from “Hitler Democrat” in the above. It’s a different book.

    From TBR: “At the time of his death, the general had completed some three volumes, but outrageous intrigues by certain enemies of truth in history sabotaged most of his work.”

    Sad, yet another proof that even these so called “revisionists” are not to be trusted as it is the case with most ‘historians’. What good is a work if it is bought and paid for?

    Heil Degrelle!

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