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Sono Tornato-“I’m Back”


Like “Look whos back”, a German film that imagines Hitler walking around the Berlin of today, the Italian I’m back , directed by Luca Miniero, sees a lost Benito Mussolini ( Massimo Popolizio ) reappear in Piazza Vittorio, in Rome today, with the dirty uniform and the swollen face. The war is over, his Claretta is gone and everything seems changed. Apparently. The Duce does not appreciate the multicultural scenery of the crowded piazza, nor does he understand the morbid attachment to the “mobile phone”. Absorbed by their screens and persuaded that this is yet another attraction for tourists, passersby continue to ignore him until, Andrea Canaletti ( Frank Matano ), a young documentary filmmaker with great aspirations but  very few successes, driven by necessity and the nose of a journalist, he proposes  a documentary. For the storyteller Mussolini is an opportunity to regain the masses.  The two begins a surreal coexistence: around Italy, between  TV shows and meetings with Italians of today, Mussolini  becomes the protagonist of a television show. The Duce will be convinced that he can regain the country. A fun historical experiment in the form of comedy: times have changed, the Italian “people” not so much.




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