The Final Court Statement of Rudolf Hess


“I will not defend against prosecutors that have no right to charge me and my brothers. I will not discuss accusations dealing with topics that are only a matter of German politics and do not concern foreigners. I will not answer statements that are meant to dishonor myself or my Nation. I consider all accusations as a proof that you, our enemies, are aware of our honor [And need to undermine it]. I was privileged to work many years of my life under the greatest son whom my nation has produced in its thousand-year history. Even if i could, i would never want to erase it from my life. I am happy to know I fulfilled my duty to my nation, my duty as a German, a National Socialist, a loyal follower of our leader. I do not regret anything. If i had to start from the beginning, I would act the same, though I knew that at the end, it would be for my fiery death. No matter what people do, some day I stand before the bar of the eternal creator. Him I will answer for myself, and I know he will find me not guilty and set me free. “

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Man against Time

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