“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” ~ George Orwell.

These words composed by Britain’s greatest prophet explain why the greatest leader Britain never had is virtually unknown. Yet, for several years this passionate patriot was poised for power. Defeated by the massive forces arraigned against him, he and his wife, Diana Mitford, with whom I corresponded, were imprisoned along with thousands of others who were steadfast in saying no to Churchill’s war lobby.

Addressing the House of Lords December 11, 1946, Lord Jowett expressed the house: “Let us be fair to these people who were imprisoned under 18B, and let us remember that they have never been accused of any crime; not only have they not been convicted of any crime, but they have never been accused of any crime.  This should be remembered in all fairness to them.”


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  1. Great story, keep them coming and share because globalist media damn well won’t.

  2. A great man who was arrested on fake treason charges by a jewish puppet
    Hail Britannia

    • An Amazing man , and a personal inspiration. I have a few of his books, and do my part to keep his unwavering spirit alive with my friends and family. “The Press will not be free to tell lies. That is not freedom for the people, but a tyranny over their minds and souls. Much humbug is talked on this subject. What is press freedom? In practice it means the right of a dew millionaires to corner newspaper shares on the stock exchange and to voice their own opinions and interests, irrespective of the truth or of the national interest.” -Oswald Mosley

      • He Definately saw a war coming and would have stopped it if he wasnt betrayed by the elites

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