Gary Yarbrough In Desperate Need Of Medical Attention


It would seem I received some very bad information, which I was told came from Susan Yarbrough, but she has reached out to this post and informed me of Gary’s dire circumstance. I offer my sincere apologies for my part in sharing the story of Gary’s death, but rest assured he will die soon without proper medical attention.

He has aneurysms in his throat, his abdominal cavity is filled with tumors, he has cataracts so bad he can’t see. He is being denied a CPAP machine at ADX. They say they cannot have a CPAP machine there because it is a supermax facility, so they are just doing nothing to treat him. He also has Hemochromatosis, which he needs a bloodletting at least twice a month or his high iron levels could also kill him. He has lost 33 lbs in about a month, is to weak to get out of his bed, and is suffering.

Gary Yarbrough has been in prison for 33 years, and even though he committed crimes none of them involved harming other human lives. In 2009, he was given a parole date of 2014. Then in 2010, that parole date was vacated on the grounds of “association.” This association was cited on posts made on public forums (Stormfront noted in the Notice of Action). At the time of this Notice of Action, Gary Yarbrough was in Florence ADX, which is a SuperMax without any internet access.

Yarbrough is one of three members of The Order still in federal prison. The others, 66-year-old Randolph George Duey, and 70-year-old Richard Scutari, are scheduled for release from prison in 2043 and 2025, respectively.



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  1. Men of Valor , Honored be their Names .

  2. Gary Has not Passed away . Yes he is very ill but still alive and fighting.

  3. He is still here! His health is so bad though that if he don’t get help, he will die! He has aneurysms in his throat, his abdominal cavity is filled with tumors, he has cataracts so bad he can’t see, severe sleep apnea, and other things! I’m fighting to get him into a medical facility! But without proper medical help, his time is growing very short. He’s lost 33 lbs in a month and is to weak to get out of bed!

    • Thanks for letting us know. I have updated the article and pray for Bruder Gary. I apologize for reporting his death. My source said the information came from you. As you can imagine I am not a professional journalist and failed my readers by rushing to press without thoroughly vetting the information. It will not happen again.

  4. Gary is a true inspiration with such an intelligent soul. He has suffered years of neglect in the hands of the judicial system. He deserves to know what he has sacrificed his life for will not be in vein. The growth of movements both present and future are the reason Gary has endured a lifetime of agony. May he forever be remembered for the man he truly is, and loved for the actions he has showen throught his days. The knowledge he has passed to others will keep his legacy burning!
    HAIL Gary Yarbrough

  5. Been sending money every month. Heil The Order!

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