Centennial Of George Lincoln Rockwell


Born March 9, 1918

Today March 9, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of George Lincoln Rockwell’s birth. The man needs little to no presentation as his achievements have been covered far and wide, not only here, but also in a host of different websites all over the Internet. One is left to wonder what would have the über-Liberal mainstream media of today done with him had he been around in such an age like the one we have been so “privileged”, as White people, to live in. I suppose he would have been literary burned at the stake by the Jewish-Marxist inquisitorial front, but one is also left to think what George Lincoln Rockwell would have done with a tool such as the Internet had he had the chance to use it.

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  1. had to share ty

  2. Happy Birthday Commander Rockwell, all the dire predictions you gave about communism and the death of this country should they take over have come true, the lying hebe had you murdered but those of us dedicated national socialists carry on your torch, walk with us because we are going to need your superhuman strength and courage in the coming years..HEIL HITLER!! HAIL COMMANDER ROCKWELL!!

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