30 April 1945

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Battle of Berlin 1945 [HD Colour]

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Persecuted French Revisionist Hervé Ryssen Speaks Out

I found this incredible and inspiring video via Renegade Tribune and wanted to share it here. Hervé Ryssen, the speaker in the video and a well-known French revisionist and writer, has written a number of controversial books dealing with Jewish power and criminality, “anti-Semitism”, the fake “Holocaust” narrative, and other taboo topics, many of which are available from The Barnes Review. Hervé Ryssen is one of many courageous truth seekers risking their lives and well-being for standing up to the Jews and their outrageous lies.

Source: Persecuted French Revisionist Hervé Ryssen Speaks Out

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AfD Seeks Protection Under Paragraph 130 For Germans Too!


A MEMBER OF THE ALTERNATIVE FUER DEUTSCHLAND PARTY  INTRODUCED A BILL TODAY IN THE GERMAN BUNDESTAG calling for the notorious Paragraph 130 of the German Criminal Code to be amended to include Germans under its protection.

“The AfD wants just one thing,” said fraction member Jens Maier, presenting the bill to the parliament. “Namely that Germans are also protected from hate speech and mockery. Our draft bill is supposed to close a gap in the criminal code.”

Here is a longer explanation that Maier posted on his Facebook page in German (automatically translated):

The aim is to prevent the communication of group-focused enmity against the ancestral German population, which incites to hatred against the German population, which calls for acts of violence and arbitrariness or which attacks the human dignity of all Germans.

Not infrequently, German citizens are the victims of massive verbal abuse, for example as “Köterrasse” (meaning mongrel race). Violent crimes of foreign perpetrators against Germans often go hand in hand with insults meant to diminish the victims, explicitly directed against the Germans as a people (“shit Germans”).

The intention is to create the legislative framework for the fact that even the hate offense against the German people is a criminal incitement.

Here is the formal bill, in German

As it stands. Paragraph 130 says that a maximum 3-year prison sentence—or a fine—can await anyone “”whosoever, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them.”

Maier claims that the German government does “nothing, or next to nothing” to protect the German population from racism, and that German courts could apply the paragraph to hate speech against Germans if they wanted to, “but they don’t do it.”

Nothing but criticism came from the other parties in the Bundestag, who all opposed the legislation. For example, a spokeswoman for the Left party (former Communist Party) accused the AfD of wanting to abolish Paragraph 130 so they could freely attack “the disabled, refugees, Jews, Muslims, and leftists, unhindered. You love fear, and can’t get enough of it,” said Martina Renner un-collegially (to put it mildly).

Sarah Rygewski of the Social Democrats wondered “who exactly would be defined as German under AfD’s proposal, given that many, including herself (Polish), had roots in other countries.” In Poland, the cry is “Poland for the Poles” but when they occupy other countries, it’s a different story.

These people have an interest in having Germans become second-class citizens. Clearly, the indigenous Britons are already second-class citizens in the UK. It is the ruling class and ruling parties that are betraying the people,  while the AfD is one of the few true peoples’ parties.

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Why The campaign To ‘End Antisemitism’ Is So Dangerous For You And Me

By Carolyn Yeager

THE FOLLOWING 13 BEHAVIORS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS EXAMPLES OF ANTISEMITISM in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere by the IHRA Plenary (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) in Budapest 2015 which is spearheading the campaign.

  • Questioning the alleged Holocaust is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Expressing an overall negative perception of Jews is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Unfriendly speech directed toward any Jewish community institution or religious facility is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Calling for, aiding, or justifying the harming of Jews or a Jew, even in the form of subjective hurt feelings or making fearful, is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Making allegations about the ‘power’ of Jews as a collective (such as Jews control the media or the government) is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms of the ‘gas chambers’ or the intentionality of National Socialist Germany to genocide the Jewish people during World War II is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Accusing ‘the Jews’ or the state of Israel of inventing or exaggerating the alleged Holocaust is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of the nations they live in is called ‘antisemitism’. [Truth is no defense]
  • Saying that the State of Israel is racist (thereby somehow denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, in their eyes) is called ‘antisemitsm’.
  • Using symbols and images associated with Jewish ‘blood libel’ [actual historical cases of kidnapping Christian children/young men and draining their blood for ritual religious purposes] or claims of Jews killing Jesus to characterize Israel or Israelis is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Comparing Israeli policies to that of the ‘Nazis’ is called ‘antisemitism’.
  • Holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel is called ‘antisemitism’.

These are all examples of ‘antisemitism’ in public life as put forth by theInternational Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA – created in 1998), the sponsor of the so-called “working definition of antisemitism” (developed in 2015) that is being pushed to be adopted by every government in the world. A number of European countries have already adopted it, including Germany and Austria. (See here and here.)

Please look at the IHRA Timeline at the bottom of this page and notice that the wording for the item “The IHRA adopts the “Working Definition ofHolocaust Denial and Distortion” (2013) is the same as for the House Bill 5460, the so-called “Never Again Education Act” in my previous post. Quote from the Act: “the falsehood of Holocaust denial and distortion and to the destructive messages of hate that arise from Holocaust denial and distortion”. It is all part of the same global enterprise, designed to appear as spontaneous individual initiatives in various countries.

This is as ominous as can be. Connecting antisemitism to criminality is their goal. Antisemitism is very old and exists for a reason. It was never seen by Jews in the West as anything beyond a moral or social issue. Since 1945 and the formal “criminalizing” of National-Socialist Germany, blaming it for the invented ‘Holocaust’, the Jews have increasingly portrayed antisemitism as the cause of their claimed ‘genocide’ and a reason to be fearful of future ‘genocides’. It was a Jew who invented the word ‘genocide!’ Anyone of European race who agrees with this or goes along with it in any way is making a big mistake.

Anyone who protests “I am not an antisemite” or “I am not antisemitic” is helping to move along this very agenda. The only position we should take is that people have a right to be antisemitic—it is a personal choice and cannot be made illegal in a democracy. There is no evidence, scientific or otherwise, that antisemitism leads to genocide. No one should be forbidden their personal speech or expressing their personal views because someone else doesn’t like it. Only physical acts of violence or harm can be criminalized. STAND UP AND DEFEND ANTISEMITISM on this basis—don’t deny it.

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US Congress Presented With Another ‘Holocaust’ Bill

By Carolyn Yeager

THE JEWISH MEDIA ARE THE ONLY ONES PUTTING OUT THE NEWS OF THIS PROPOSED LEGISLATION called the “Never Again Education Act,” H.R. 5460. That’s because it is only the Jews (2% of the US population) that want it. The lead sponsor of the legislation is New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney (left) who represents the 12th District ofManhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Yes, that’s a highly Jewish district so she is pleasing her constituents. The other eight sponsors of the bill include four Jews, one African-American, three more from New York, two from Florida (also big Jewish population), one from Illinois and two from Texas.

They are:; Reps. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.); Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.); Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.); Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.); Dan Donovan (R-N.Y.), Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) ; Kay Granger (R-Texas) and Marc Veasey (D-Texas).

The purpose of the legislation is to direct the Sec. Of Education to award grants for Holocaust educational programs AND to accept DONATIONS, as gifts or bequests, to be used as part of the Holocaust Education Assistance Program. But it’s sneaky and vague, because it sounds to me like this program is being newly established by this act. I can’t find that it currently exists. If that is so, we’d be creating a new public school Holocaust education program via our federal government PLUS allowing rich Jews to donate private money to this program! [Tax-deductible, naturally] Which only means Jews are put directly in control of a still growing part of the curriculum of our public schools!

Not good at all, folks.

A draft of the “Never Again Education Act” includes these paragraphs:

(5) As intolerance, antisemitism, bigotry, and all forms of hate are promoted by hate groups, Holocaust education provides a context to learn about the danger of what can happen when hate goes unchallenged and there is indifference in the face of the oppression of others. Learning how and why the Holocaust happened is an important component of the education of citizens of the United States.

No, it is not an important component of US education. They impose a false consensus with that claim.

(6) Today, those who deny that the Holocaust occurred or distort the true nature of the Holocaust continue to find forums, especially online; this denial and distortion dishonors those who were persecuted, and murdered. This makes it even more of “a national imperative to educate students in the United States so that they may explore the lessons that the Holocaust provides for all people, sensitize communities to the circumstances that gave rise to the Holocaust[does that mean public lectures too? Sure, why not], and help youth be less susceptible to the falsehood of Holocaust denial and distortionand to the destructive messages of hate that arise from Holocaust denial and distortion.”

Our federal government should not take a position on this. It is rightly an historical question, not a political one.

(8) The Federal Government, especially the Department of Education, has a role to play in promoting resources and training that can assist teachers and educational institutions to incorporate the study of the Holocaust into their schools …

No, the federal government should not have a role. This is the strategy of Jewish interests that always prefer working from the top down. The Department of Education should be abolished from the Executive Branch and federal government. The DoE was only established in 1979 by Democratic Pres. Jimmy Carter, our Southern Baptist president who did more for the Jews than any other non-wartime president before or since. But he still didn’t get re-elected!

This offensive language will be in the bill. It also includes the NEW definition of “antisemitism” that is being promoted to all governments and NGOs by major Jewish organizations. Under Definitions:

(2) ANTISEMITISM.—The term “antisemitism” means a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

How vague is this?! How can our federal government accept this for all the people of the United States? I say it is unconstitutional.

(3) HOLOCAUST.—The term “the Holocaust” means the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately 6,000,000 Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. During the era of the Holocaust, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived “racial inferiority”, such as Roma gypsies, the disabled, and some of the Slavic people (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds, among them Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals.

As already stated, this is an historical issue, not a political one. And the history is disputed, so politicians should stay out of it.

We need to fight back. Call, write or email your representative right away, and continue to do so every month or so, telling him/her that you don’t want another holocaust funding mechanism by the government. Tell them the government should stay out of the holocaust business. This bill, HR 5460, is not in the interests of everyone, and the rest of us should not subsidize it. Special interests should stay out of the schools. These Jews always present it as being in everyone’s interest, but the fact is, everyone is not promoting it, only they are, along with a few lackeys they find.

What this is is another scheme to pass laws institutionalizing Jewsh interests (in this case Holocaust) into our legal framework. It’s treachery pure and simple, but people are afraid to speak up. Can you imagine that? Grown adults, even politicians in Washington, are so afraid of the Jews? If this bill ever reaches the House floor, every member will feel compelled to vote for it. This can’t go on. Write your congressperson and do it now and often.

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21 Apr 1940- Norway


German troops landed at Verdal and Kirknessvag, Norway, causing the British 146th Brigade near Trondheim to withdraw to Vist. Around Lake Mjøsa, British 148th Brigade reinforced Norwegian positions, but on the same day German forces broke through the line, causing the entire Norwegian-British force to withdraw north toward Lillehammer. Out at sea, German submarine U-26 sank British merchant vessel Cedarbank of convoy AP-1 50 miles northwest of Ålesund, the vehicles, anti-aircraft weapons, ammunition, and food destined for the British 148th Brigade near Lillehammer were all lost.



The German landings were mostly unopposed because immediately after the Germany invasion began, German sympathizer Vidkun Quisling, head of the Norwegian National Socialist party, proclaimed himself the new head of government, and ordered the Norwegian armed forces to stop resisting. The entire operation went off without a hitch, and was a testament to the quality and skill of Germany’s military leadership, and to the efficiency and discipline of German military personnel.





German SS Norwegian officer.

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On Adolf Hitler’s 129th birthday—“Thanks to him alone”

By Carolyn Yeager

ON THE OCCASION OF HITLER’S BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR,  I am presenting passages from Joseph Goebbels’ speech on the eve of the Fuehrer’s last earthly birthday on April 20, 1945. Everyone knew that final disaster was closing in and Goebbels’ had the unenviable task of saying words to the nation that would honor the 56-year-old Leader and encourage and fortify the people without raising false hopes. He did his usual eloquent job and his speech went out on the airwaves that evening and was printed in the German newspapers the next day. Here is much but not all of the speech.

German citizens!

At the moment of the war when — so it seems — all forces of hate and destruction have been gathered once again, perhaps for the final time, in the west, the east, the southeast, and the south, seeking to break through our front and give the death blow to the Reich, I once again speak to the German people on the eve of 20 April about the Führer, just as I have done every year since 1933. That has happened at good and bad times in the past. But never before did things stand on such a knife’s edge, never before did the German people have to defend their very lives under such enormous danger, never before did the Reich have to draw on its last strength to protect its threatened self.


This is not the time to speak of the Führer’s birthday in the usual way or to present him with the usual best wishes. More must be said today, and by one who has won the right both from the Führer and the people. I have been at the Führer’s side for more than twenty years. I have seen his rise and that of his movement from the smallest and most improbable beginnings up to the seizure of power, and gave my best efforts to them as well. I have shared joy and sorrow with the Führer, from unprecedented historic victories to the terrible setbacks in the remarkable years from 1939 until now. I stand beside him today as fate challenges him and his people with its last, most severe test. I am confident that fate will give him and his people the laurel wreath of victory. The fact that Germany yet lives, that Europe and the civilized world have not yet fallen into the dark abyss that looms before us, is thanks to him alone.


Times like those we experience today demand more of a leader than insight, wisdom, and drive. They demand a toughness and endurance, a steadfastness of heart and soul, that appear only rarely in history, but that when they do appear produce the most admirable achievements of human genius. Burkhardt said in his Observations on World History: “The fates of people and of states, of entire civilizations, can depend on whether an extraordinary person can bring forth the proper strength of soul and action. Normal minds and spirits, no matter how numerous, cannot replace such a person.”

Who can deny that only the Führer has the right to feel these words apply to him and his deeds in our and many coming generations? What can enemy statesmen say in response? They have nothing but superior numbers, their stupid and insane destructiveness and their diabolical lust for annihilation, behind which lurk the chaos of the collapse of civilized humanity.


The most shining culture the earth has ever seen sinks in ruins and leaves only memories of the greatness of an age destroyed by satanic powers. The peoples are shaken by the most severe economic and social crises, which are but foretastes of the terrible events to come. Our enemies claim that the Führer’s soldiers marched as conquerors through the lands of Europe — but wherever they came, they brought prosperity and happiness, peace, order, reliable conditions, a plenitude of work, and therefore a decent life. Our enemies claim their soldiers came to the same lands as liberators — but wherever they come there is poverty and misery, chaos, devastation and destruction, unemployment, hunger and mass death. And what remains of their so-called freedom is a life that no one would dare call decent even in the darkest corners of Africa.


Opposing this apparently all-powerful coalition of destructive satanic forces brings with it tests and burdens of superhuman nature, but that is not dishonorable — the opposite in fact! To bravely accept a battle that is unavoidable and inescapable, to wage it in the name of divine Providence, to have confidence in it and its eventual blessing, to stand before fate with a pure conscience and clean hands, to bear all suffering and every test, never even thinking of being untrue to one’s historic mission, never wavering even in the most difficult hours of the final battle — that is not only manly, it is also German in the best sense of the word! Would our people not accept this task and not fight for it as if it were the word of God, it would not deserve to live any longer, and would lose any possibility of further life.

What we experience today is the last act of a powerful drama that began on 1 August 1914 and which we Germans gave up on on 9 November 1918 just before the end. That is why we had to begin again on 1 September 1939. What we hoped to spare ourselves in November 1918 we have paid for two- or threefold today. There is no escape — unless the German people surrenders any kind of decent human life and is ready to forever live in a way that would shame even the most primitive African tribes.

If it is manly and German as Führer of a great and brave people to depend wholly on oneself in this struggle, relying on one’s own own strength and certainty as well as the help of God in the face of an enemy who threatens with overwhelming numbers, to fight rather than to capitulate, then it is just as manly and German for a people to follow such a Führer, unconditionally and loyally, without excuse or reservation, to shake off all feelings of weakness and uncertainty, to trust in the good star that is above him and us all.


The world speaks of loyalty as a German virtue. How could our people have withstood the tests of this war without it, and how could it survive the war’s coming end without it? For it is ending! The war is nearing its end. The insanity that the enemy powers have unleashed on humanity has gone beyond all bounds. The whole world feels only shame and disgust. The perverse coalition between plutocracy and Bolshevism is collapsing! Fate has taken the head of the enemy conspiracy [U.S. President Roosevelt had died the week before]. It is the same fate that the Führer escaped on 20 July 1944, amidst the dead, the wounded and the ruins, so that he could finish his work — through pain and trials it is true, but nonetheless as Providence ordained.

Once more the armies of the enemy powers storm against our defensive fronts. Behind them is the slavering force of International Jewry that wants no peace until it has reached its satanic goal of world destruction. But its hopes are in vain! As He has done so often before, God will throw Lucifer back into the abyss even as he stands before the gates of power over all the peoples. A man of truly timeless greatness, of unique courage, of a steadfastness that elevates the hearts of some and shakes those of others, will be His tool. Who will maintain that this man can be found in the leadership of Bolshevism or plutocracy? No, the German people bore him. It chose him, it by free election made him Führer. It knows his works of peace and now wants to bear and fight the war that was forced upon him until its successful end.


German history is not rich in great statesmen. But where one has appeared he usually had something to say and give not only to his own people, but to the world. What would there be European about Europe had not German kaisers and kings, counts and generals and their armies repeatedly withstood the onslaughts from the east! Usually only a disunited continent stood behind them that either did not understand or even fell upon Germany in the midst of its saving work for Europe. Why should it be any different today? At the present state of things, it is difficult to understand this great battle between peoples. One thing, however, can no longer be disputed: If there had been no Adolf Hitler, if Germany had been led by a government like those in Finland, Bulgaria, or Rumania, it would long since have become the prey of Bolshevism. Lenin once said the path to world revolution leads though Poland and the Reich. Poland is already in the possession of the Kremlin, despite all the attempts of the Anglo-Americans to conceal it. If Germany had followed, or would follow, what would become of the rest of our continent?


If the world still lives, and not only our world but the rest of it as well, whom has it to thank other than the Führer? It may defame and slander him today, persecuting him with its base hatred, but it will have to revise this standpoint or bitterly regret it! He is the core of resistance to the collapse of the world. He is Germany’s bravest heart and our people’s most passionate will. I permit myself to make a judgment that must be made today: If the nation still breaths, if it still has the chance of victory, if there is still an escape from the deadly danger it faces — it is thanks to him. He is steadfastness itself. I have never seen him fail or falter, or weaken or tire. He will go his way to the end, and there awaits not the end of his people, but rather a new and happy beginning to an era in which Germandom will flourish as never before.

Listen, Germans! Millions of people look to this man from every land on the earth, still doubting and questioning whether he knows the way out of the great misfortune that has befallen the world. He will show the peoples that way, and we look to him full of hope and with a deep, unshakable faith. We stand behind him with fortitude and courage: soldier and civilian, man, woman and child — a people determined to do all to defend its life and honor. He may look his enemies in the eye, for we promise him that he does not need to look behind him. We will not waver or weaken. We will never desert him, no matter how desperate and dangerous the hour. We stand with him, as he stands with us — in Germanic loyalty as we have sworn, as we shall fulfill. We do not need to tell him, for he knows and must know: Führer command! — We will follow! We feel him in us and around us. God give him strength and health and preserve him from every danger. We will do the rest.

Our misfortune has made us mature, but not robbed us of our character. Germany is still the land of loyalty. It will celebrate its greatest triumphs in the midst of danger. Never will history record that in these days a people deserted its Führer or a Führer deserted his people. And that is victory. We have often wished the Führer in happy times our best on this evening. Today in the midst of suffering and danger, our greeting is much deeper and more profound. May he remain what he is to us and always was — Our Hitler!

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“Hail Our Führer on his Birthday”






Adolf Hitler with guests at his birthday party at his residence, the Berghof, on April 20, 1943. On the far left is Eva Braun.


well-wishers celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler outside the Reich Chancellery – Berlin, 20th April 1938

On April 20 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria, our Savior is born!
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