German Mayors Protest Neo-Nazi Festival Celebrating Hitler’s birthday


Dozens of German mayors signed a joint declaration on Friday as an act of protest against a neo-Nazi music festival set to take place in the eastern town of Ostritz on April 20 to mark the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

The Shield and Sword Festival is scheduled to begin on April 20, the birthday of Adolf Hitler, in Ostritz in Saxony.

Polish and German nationalists identified a common enemy and  the aim of the Blood and Honor movement is the livelihood of the white race and the fight for  Aryan cultural tradition.


A message from the festival organizers. –

Dear inhabitants of Ostritz, dear fellow citizens and neighbors!

As you have already learned from the medial waves, our festival will take place from 20.04. until 21.04.2018  on the grounds of the Hotel Neisseblick. We are pleased to have brought this event to our hometown. Even if due to the premature release of the venue, as well as the questionable initiative of various institutions, our city receives more attention than necessary.

Certain forces in our country have leased the outrage and counter-protest, against anything that does not fit into their eccentric ideology, and try to profile themselves at the expense of the citizens and their security.

Once again the citizens should be stretched before the carts of these left-wing ideologues! The tax money that would have been misappropriated would be in better hands, for example during the renovation of the war memorial (Hutberg), the gym or the clubs.

There are quite critical voices regarding the security in Ostritz loud, if you observed “counter-events” of the left camp in recent years. However, we know that our police are in control and that left-wing violence will not stand a chance. Rather, Ostritz will be the safest place in Saxony this weekend, with no theft and burglaries that are otherwise on the agenda. Only an increased traffic volume in the direction of “Neißeblick” will lead to adverse effects on our part.

We would therefore like to thank you for your understanding as well as the hospitality and support shown. Especially for the help of the various craft companies and the receptiveness of the many pensions and hotels in the region, which despite official request not to allow national guests to rent, have recognized the opportunity for the region and tourism and now offer our boys and girls  rooms.

For this reason, we would like to ask all true Easterners, who are much under-noticed in the media, to attend our festival on Friday evening or on Saturday. If they identify themselves as real Ostritzer at the entrance, they are donation-free our guest and can make themselves on-site a picture of our political will. Incidentally, this festival is a cross party. Many parties, organizations and associations will introduce themselves.Visit us and make yourself a picture on site. We look forward to you!


Of course, we will be providing stalls for you from all areas of national politics and national shipping.

Parties and political organizations from Germany and Europe, Battle of the Nibelungen, NPD Material Service, Erik and Sons, Werkcode, German department store, APF, Ansgar Aryan, Nordlandverlag, NS Today, Front Records, and many more will be there to inform about their political activities ,
For your physical well-being, comrades will take care of the whole weekend. In addition to many beer and wine stalls will also grill specialties and a baguette wait for you. Our culinary products at the Shield and Sword Festival have been freshly produced exclusively by comrades in the area.

Your Ostritzer shield and sword crew

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  2. I doubt with a big ole fucking D these so-called “Germans” are actually Germans….yids are a rabble of filth with no roots and no loyalty to any nation they have insinuated their hook noses to….let then TRY and stop these true Germans from celebrating our Fuhrer’s birthday……..

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