The Waffen-SS and the struggle for Pomerania, 1945 (Part I): The liberation of Arnswalde


"Neues Europa"

Published in „Siegrunen“ Magazine – Volume V, Number 4, Whole Number 28, January 1982

After completing a successful, if costly, defensive battle in the German-held Kurland Pocket of Western Latvia, the European volunteers of the III. SS Panzer Corps were shipped back to Germany at the end of January 1945. There was no time available to place the Corps’ units into reserve for reformation; they would have to be reinforced en route to the front. III. SS Corps was slated to become part of the new Army Group „Weichsel” (Vistula), which was forming to contain the northern spearhead of the Soviet Marshall Zhukov’s enormous assault force in the Pomeranian sector of Eastern Germany. There was only one word for the military situation: desperate. The SS soldiers would be put to their greatest test in the days and weeks ahead.

At this time, Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner relinquished command of the…

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