Elysium: Leadership Vacuum Crisis

Sword of Elysium

The 2013 film Elysium offers an interesting look at a possible future of unrestrained technological development, class division and mistrust, which all stem from the relentless profiteering that capitalism is prone to. Nevertheless, the film offers a rather naive or, at best, an incompletely shown, solution within its runtime. Being a product of the politically correct movie industry, Elysium itself can also be seen as part of that same limited & deficient solution that it itself offers. Looking past these barriers we can begin to construct a more complete vision of that doesn’t merely flip the class struggle from rich-advantage to poor-advantage, rather we can build a more inclusive view of society that values all productive citizens regardless of monetary status.

Forced Dichotomy
The world of Elysium is bleak for most and an apparent paradise for some. Most people are stuck on Earth living in overflowing slums or urban wastes…

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  1. Is that Miecz still crapping on about solidarity with niggers? LOL…

  2. That would certainly seem to be one of his on going themes. I would love to see blacks turn on the Jews, but I don’t care about their problems, as they are currently one of mine. I do like his film analysis. I had the same thoughts when I watched Elysium .

  3. I live in a country that is not mono-ethnic, thus as a nationalist, I can’t ignore people just because of their ethnicity. The difference in ratio of idiots in European ethnicities vs non-European is negligible.

    Consider this quote about the Führer:
    “We apply to the behaviour of our own governments a generosity of interpretation which we do not extend to others. People regard Hitler as wicked; and then find proofs of his wickedness in evidence which they would not use against others. Why do they apply this double standard? Only because they assume Hitler’s wickedness in the first place.”
    ~ A.J.P Taylor, Origins of the Second World War

    You guys that same way about non-European ethnic groups. Assume their dumb, wicked, w/e… Even Hitler who led a country that was basically 99% ethnic-European didn’t see it that way.

    • You just did to us that in which to attempted to blame us for. I do not live in a multi ethnic state but Jews and their helpful goy are trying to change that. My people have a god given right and responsibility to secure a future for our children. I am glad you like Hitler, but you can not cherry pick his words to use in your sermons around here.

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