In June 1923, seven months after the founding of the NSDAP Ortsgruppe Wolfenbüttel and a few days after the formation of the SA troop, the NSDAP were on a pilgrimage to Kneitlingen am Elm, where they were allowed to go public for the first time on a larger scale. As an occasion they used the celebration of the solstice, which committed the rural population for centuries according to the burning of large fires. This peasant tradition, which survived despite church prohibitions, marked the beginning of the harvest. The first cut of the grain and the introduction of the last sheaf were used by the “blood and soil”  National Socialists . The solstice celebrations and the following Thanksgiving festivals were especially well-kept celebrations during the year. The pompously organized until 1937 on the Bückeberg near Hameln, in which also farmers from the Wolfenbüttel region participated, served above all to honor the peasantry and to integrate it ideologically and politically in the movement.


A National Socialist chronicle reminiscent of this first solstice celebration, from which after 1933 a particularly well-groomed  holiday arose: “… we held together with the Wolfenbüttel party cooperative with the support of the then mayor Quidde In the special car on the last Saturday in June to Kneitlingen where the party member Klie had already lodged with the young SA men and made the necessary preparations: the men slept on straw in the barn, the women were quartered in the dance hall, and the Wolfenbüttel party members, who had already arrived, brought the Brunswicks together with the advance command in the great train from the station Kneitlingen, and in the dark it was the solstice fire.A large pile of wood with swastika was lit.The fire speech was delivered by our first Ortsgruppenführer Arthur Becker.The next day, Sunday, the march back over the Teztelstein themselves.”

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Ten years later, the old fighters remembered this formative event, in which the old ruffians had laid the “foundation stone of the movement for Lower Saxony.” In addition to Gauleiter Pg. Rust, the tireless drummer of the movement, the unforgettable Pg. Dinklage ten years ago in Kneitlingen, to create a foundation on which later could be built.This foundation, which has proven in the development history of the NSDAP, in the inner city of Lower Saxony and beyond reliable and indestructible, was made of trust “Tough endurance in battle and unconditional submission to the leader.”


In order to give the later added party members an impressive memory, the NSDAP cell Kneitlingen, which belonged organizationally to the Ortsgruppe Evessen, decided in agreement with the Kreisleitung Wolfenbüttel in 1933 to organize a jubilee Solstice celebration on a larger scale. The program envisaged the involvement of  leaders of the Free State and other party leaders: Prime Minister Klagges, Minister of State Alpers, the State Councilors Schmidt-Bodenstedt and Bertram, the SA-Oberführer Sauke and the SS section leader Mark. The organization of the spectacle got the magistrates of the circles Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel under participation of the SA standard 46. For the supply and removal of the member sets drive special trains; and so that every simple party member “could once experience the joys and sorrows of accommodation such as the SA man had so often,” simple mass quarters had been established.

Kneitlinger farmers provided their meadows, on which three large dance tents were built. A specially made badge, which could be purchased in the party offices, was used to finance the mass event. The Schöppenstedter Elm-Zeitung reported on “thousands of National Socialists” who had come to the festively decorated Kneitlingen: “Fir and birch trees adorned the houses, the village streets were adorned with the flags of Adolf Hitler.” The celebrations began with the tribute of the fallen and the dead of the war memorial. Pastor Teichmann preached before the flag delegations, the SA Ehrensturm and the local council: “Today we stand for the first time at this war memorial and need not be ashamed, because by Adolf Hitler we have brought it so far that we again before our dead, the fallen in our sense, may come. “

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“We are all free, but we see in service
More freedom than in your own commands.
We sit at the desk and on machines,
Are hundreds of thousands – and only one soul.
We are the heretics and the deep pious,
Today, yesterday and the big coming. “

said a men’s and young people’s choir a pledge –

“I swear, O Fatherland,
With a bare sword in a firm hand,
At the altar holy shrine,
To be faithful to death.

I swear to you, O freedom too,
To serve until the last breath
With heart and soul, courage and blood;
You are the man’s highest ember.

You’re in the sky above,
directing the sun and holding hearts,
O God, o help me,
Since I hold it true and true. “


Now ten front soldiers in steel helmets and cloaks faced the spectators. Under green spotlight, they recited Part 6, “The Seed Goes On”:

“And from the graves the seeds
catch up on acts:
Fruit is you and I am.
Hills become altars,
and like the flowering spike
I serve too

A male choir slowly stepped on the stage and spoke the death suit:

“Now they have buried
My blond boy
So far, so far from here.
I could not embrace him,
He died
No greetings from me.
But if he came back
And then as you would then
So proud the sword at hand:
In painful comprehension
I would leave him again
For the holy Fatherland. “

From the right, torches carrying youth groups marched in singing:

“We are sent to foment fire,
To stir drum in the German country!
Because never again rotten, what is hot packed us:
Young Hearts hammering in sacred beat. “

When the male choir sang:

“All bondage has disappeared,
German blood has found
Disgrace and shame separated “


The stage area of the NSDAP Thingstätte on Heidelberg’s Holy Mountain, opened on the summer solstice in 1935. The stage was designed to allow huge numbers of actors to appear on it, and for torches and flags to be displayed.

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After the command “Fire up!” The Hitler Youth fired the pile of wood in front of the Lessingtheater and ignited the flames. Six girls of the BDM each presented a wreath “in honor of the fallen of the world war and the movement.” Under a slight drum roll, a Nazi leader spoke these warnings:
“For German unity: whoever disturbs them is our enemy!
For the German honor: Who stains them, meet our revenge.
For German loyalty to leaders people and empire. Who breaks them, let them fall through our hands. “
In order to get the youth accustomed to murder and manslaughter early enough, Hitler Youth and young people spoke:

“We boys, we love Germany,
We have written a word on the flag.
Burning is supposed to do everything
What cowardly and bad
From blood and soil
It’s our right.
The common should blaze
In bright flames,
Beat everything bad
And brash together. “


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