Holocaust Believers

Special guests are seated at the actual entrance to the former concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, colorfully lit up as a show-biz production for the 70th Anniversary remembrance ceremony in 2015.

by Carolyn Yeager

WHAT IS THE HOLOCAUST? It’s a belief, nothing more. If you try to get hold of it, touch it, find where it exists, you discover you can’t and it doesn’t. It’s words, it’s stories, it’s narrative. It’s more similar to religion than to history. The ‘history’ has been built up after the fact around the religion, or belief, to give it greater plausibility.

The Holocaust is a few photos from a few very selective places taken in 1945 after the Allies gained total control of the air and bombed the hell out of everything in Germany. They purposely disrupted/destroyed all communications and deliveries by road or rail, killed even farmers working in their fields, preventing food and medicines from reaching those in need. Many of those in need were in the detainment camps, where even the clean water infrastructure was destroyed by Allied bombers, such as happened at Bergen-Belsen where the worst pictures were taken. Naturally, epidemics broke out that the Germans were helpless to prevent or deal with. The result of this end-of-war bombfest was photographed and called genocide—not genocide by the Allies, which it was, but genocide by the Germans!

Have 6 million Jewish victims of this “genocide” ever been accounted for? Not even close. This number is simply repeated in newspapers, on television and in commentaries hundreds, or thousands, of times a day all over the world, thereby given incredible reinforcement as an undisputed “fact.” But the real fact is that it is disputed, and very powerfully disputed. Many documents are collected in this book alone that pull the rug out from under that number, showing it to have symbolic meaning for Jews, and nothing more. It was never meant to be taken literally until a huge case was undertaken to blame the defeated German foe for massive war crimes and sole responsibility for World War II.

When it comes to the fabled documentation, what the believers offer is mostly dishonest atrocity propaganda churned out by intelligence agencies and partisans during the war, faked documents and forced confessions produced for the “War Crimes” military tribunals after the war, and witness testimony that was never allowed to be questioned or cross-examined in court.

What the so-called deniers offer (their term for themselves is Revisionist) is a remarkable library of scholarly documentation called the “Holocaust Handbooks.” You don’t have to read all these books, or even one of them, to understand that the Holocaust is a religious-political belief, not a real historically documented event of the claimed proportions. But the books are available and highly informative, some with free access on the Internet, and more are in the works based on continuing research and investigation.

So I propose we adopt the term Holocaust believer for all those who automatically believe what they read in the media about holocaust and are shocked when they hear someone say they don’t believe it. Deborah Lipstadt is called ‘one of the world’s leading Holocaust scholars with a special expertise in Holocaust denial’ by the Jewish school that she works for–even though she has admitted, “I do my research on the internet.” As is typical with believers, her ‘expertise’ is accepted without critical investigation by both the media and general public– and even in academia. But Lipstadt doesn’t know anything about what happened to Jews during WWII other than what little she herself has read from Holocaust believers, and that’s why she refuses to debate with Holocaust deniers on principle. The only reason she gives for her refusal is that all Holocaust deniers are antisemites, no exceptions, and the Holocaust is a priori the ‘factual, objective truth’ and not open for debate. Defending that ‘objective truth’ will not be attempted.

Weak though the story is, all the believers out there just keep believingbecause they never hear anything else from the media-United Nations-global-world order conspiratorial control, with the power of World Jewry over government institutions thrown in for good measure. They should therefore be called what they are.

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  1. “I have also made it quite plain that, if the nations of Europe are again to be regarded as mere shares to be bought and sold by these international conspirators in money and finance, then that race, Jewry, which is the real criminal of this murderous struggle, will be saddled with the responsibility. I further left no one in doubt that this time not only would millions of children of Europe’s Aryan peoples die of hunger, not only would millions of grown men suffer death, and not only hundreds of thousands of women and children be burnt and bombed to death in the towns, without the real criminal having to atone for this guilt, even if by more humane means.” – Adolf Hitler, Political Testament

    “With the defeat of National Socialist Germany in the Second World War, World Jewry has won the greatest victory in its history.” – Julius Streicher, Political Testament

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