The Railroading Of Ursula Haverbeck

90-year-old political prisoner Ursula Haverbeck

By Carolyn Yeager

IN today’s reporting ON URSULA HAVERBECK’S APPEAL of her two-year prison sentence, DW finally got it’s facts straight about what Haverbeck said about the ‘Holocaust’ that was against the law in Germany.

Haverbeck is in prison now in Bielefeld serving her sentence. She was denied her appeal in May against the guilty verdict of “incitement” (disturbing the public peace) because she had claimed publicly “that Auschwitz was ‘not historically proven’ to be a death camp, claiming it was a labor camp instead.

Previously, DW has falsely reported that Haverbeck’s claim was that Auschwitz was not a concentration camp. What Haverbeck actually said was that Auschwitz was not a ‘death camp.’ DW confuses the two, and has repeated this in several articles they have published. I personally wrote to them telling them they were guilty of false reporting, sloppy journalism, and an attitude that when it came to ‘Holocaust’ they could say anything they wanted.

[Just yesterday, DW featured the most outrageous nonsense about Auschwitz in an article by Andrea Grunau (who seems to specialize in this garbage) who interviewed 84-year-old “gypsy” survivor Mano Höllenreiner in his home filled with expensive Bavarian antiques and oriental rugs. The number tattooed on his arm has brought all this to him. You can read it here.]

The Constitutional Court rejected Haverbeck’s appeal on the grounds that “Holocaust denial is not covered under the constitutional right to free speech.” Think about that. She cannot be found guilty of saying “Auschwitz has not been proven to be a death camp” because that is totally true. She can only be found guilty of saying something that is not covered by the “constitutional right to free speech.” In Germany, you are not free to question that Auschwitz was a ‘death camp’ because that is some kind of Holy Writ.

They tout “freedom of expression” for all citizens on every subject, except … except … except for the Jewish ‘Holocaust.’ The real reason for this is that the Federal Republic of Germany is an unconstitutional governmental construction that was put in place to UPHOLD the anti-German Nuremberg-Holocaust narrative. WWII has never ended for Germany–there is still no peace treaty, therefore Germany remains de jure under the control of the victors. The holocaust story is kept in place to keep Germans feeling too guilty and ashamed to rise up and retake control of their own country. It is pure indoctrination.

This special law (known as paragraph 130) in their psuedo constitution states that questioning/raising doubt about the Nuremberg-Holocaust narrative “disturbs the public peace.” What they mean is ‘disturbs the public’s acquiescence in our Big Lie.’ They cannot let the truth come out because it will blow their whole foundation for control out of the water. Therefore this exception in the law has to remain and DW reports that “ Germany’s highest court reaffirmed on Friday that Holocaust denial is not covered under the constitutional right to free speech,”

“The plaintiff’s remarks fall largely outside the protective scope of freedom of opinion.” Even though they’re true.

Then their article goes on to repeat the usual unproved statements: “6 million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime between 1941 and 1945.” And “An estimated 1.1 million people were murdered at the camp in Nazi-occupied Poland; 90 percent of the victims were Jewish.”

You see the circular movement here. They base the beliefs approved by the state on unproved war propaganda accepted in a military tribunal that was part and parcel of the war; then declare those assertions to be “obvious”—not needing to be proven (again) in court. Then they state those unproven beliefs as facts which cannot be publicly questioned without “disturbing the public peace.” Not very sophisticated; in fact, crude. But they put on red robes and sit on a high bench and solemnly state their legal finding.

Ursula Haverbeck, at 90 years of age, bravely challenges this unfree state of existence because she loves her country and her people. Will they allow her to speak when she fulfills her sentence? Probably not.

Downplaying Holocaust not always a crime

In a separate case in the Constitutional Court today, it was ruled that a man was wrongly convicted and fined for ‘incitement’ regarding Holocaust. The man had posted comments online that “downplayed the role of the German army in the Holocaust,” but in this case “his remarks were not deemed to pose a danger to public peace.” That means he didn’t get to the heart of the matter most sacred to the Jews, who are the reason behind all these elaborate legal maneuverings.

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