Holocaust Deniers, Unite!

The push to wipe us off the face of the earth, beginning with social media, is underway!

The grotesque “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe,” 2711 meaningless concrete slabs that sit on 4.7 acres of prime real estate in the heart of Berlin’s tourism district reveals the terrible vengence Jews must extract for any attempt by Europeans to plot our own future.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE LATEST RUCKUS BEING STIRRED UP BY BELIEVERS is a letter to Mark Zuckerberg from a “coalition” of heads of global Holocaust museums and foundations with an “offer to help the Facebook CEO “battle Holocaust denial” on his social media platform.

For the letter-signers, battling Holocaust denial doesn’t mean the opportunity to meet doubters’ criticisms with irrefutable facts and documentary evidence that Jews really did experience during WWII what they claim. No, to them it means censoring, banning, removing all content that questions, contradicts or in any way belittles their official narrative of horrors that they have named “The Holocaust” or “The Shoah.”

That this is a specifically Jewish effort aimed at a Jewish multi-billionaire Internet mogul should be kept in mind—for it is not by chance. “The Holocaust” from the beginning has primarily assisted/benefited Jews and Zionists … it has primarily been spread by Jews and Zionists … thus the upholding of it is most important to Jews and Zionists.

So it’s only natural that the coalition that wrote the letter is comprised of Jews and Zionists. In this instance, they are mostly British-related. Ten are from UK Holocaust museums and trusts, 4 from South Africa, 3 from Australia, 2 from Canada, 1 from Hong Kong, 3 from the United States, 1 from Germany, and 1 from Brazil, making 25 in all.

Because these 25 individuals work for holocaust organizations does not make them real experts on holocaust. They are purveyers of holocaust more than experts. They earn big bucks for attracting visitors to their museums and raising money for the activities and publishing carried on by their pro-holocaust organizations. That’s why they’re all Jewish, or almost all—holocaust is really important only to Jews. When you ask the average man-in-the-street if he/she believes in the holocaust, they will probably say yes, but that doesn’t mean they know much about it. And that’s just the way these Jewish purveyors want it! They want simple believers who wouldn’t dare to question anything the holocaust “experts” say.

Holocaust deniers, however, have educated themselves about the actual claims and history of the Holocaust; that’s what turned them into deniers! I don’t know a single denier who takes that position because of hate or so-called antisemitism. All deniers used to be believers. We believed because we didn’t know there was another side. When the very convincing early revisionist research began to come into public knowledge in the 1980’s, the more curious began to ‘study up’ on the subject and a small movement began. How many of us there are today is unknown, but I would bet it is more than is generally thought – somewhere in the millions. Almost from the beginning, the holocaust purveyors and believers wanted to portray revisionists as evil so they could refuse to debate them on the evidence. No truly professional debate, with debate rules, has ever taken place as far as I know—only biased TV talk show confrontations that degenerated into appeals to emotionalism—and worse. Same with the very few court cases, which have now been outlawed by the believers.

I recently saw an opinion piece in the Washington Post that said Zuckerberg was right to allow holocaust denial because “a ban risks weakening our ability to defend the historical truth with facts and documentation.” Oh, don’t we deniers wish that believers would actually do that—respond to us with facts and documentation and allow us to respond in turn. That is what debate is. But no—we’re answered only with censorship and laws banning any mention of it! In the UK, holocaust denial is not illegal per se, but ‘hate’ is. So the game is to define holocaust denial, or even ridicule or skepticism, as an expression of racial ‘hate’ and prosecute people that way.

Free speech equals anti-Semitism?

Free speech is under attack everywhere. And it’s mainly from Jews. That’s just a fact. Jews are a highly criticized population group because of their well-known socially harmful behaviors. In order to stop that criticism, they use ‘anti-Semitism’ and because the benefits flowing to them from the Holocaust are so valuable, they have worked hard to connect holocaust denial to anti-Semitism. I usually write the word without the hyphen because Jews are only a small part of the Semitic peoples—therefore the word should really be anti-Jewish. But having always hated being called Jews by non-Jews, they coined the word anti-Semitism.

Let’s look now at the text of the letter to Mark Zuckerberg. It is filled with inaccuracies and false statements even though this is what it complains of about deniers posting on Facebook. For example: “Virulent antisemitism is a proven pathway that leads from rhetoric to violence.” This is not true. First, we know from the Old Testament that throughout history it has been Israelites who have virulently hated and attacked their neighbors. When Semites first ventured into Europe, they self-segregated themselves because they didn’t want to assimilate. They set themselves up in opposition to the local Christians whom they despised by engaging in usury and becoming ruthless tax and rent collectors for the wealthy landowners. The Christian European serfs were not allowed to harm the Jews in return and this created bad blood between them but nothing that could be called anti-Semitism, which is defined as ‘hating Jews for no reason.’ Since anti-Semitism doesn’t exist, a pathway from it to violence against Jews has never been ‘proven.’

The letter also says “History proves” that “antisemitism is the first unravelling of a society’s moral fabric.” Wrong. In fair and impartial history, there is much more evidence that when Jews gain influence in any society, that’s when the moral fabric begins to unravel. Zuckerberg himself recently had to admit to mishandling his Facebook users private information, exposing them to abuse.

Another falsehood in the letter is this: Antisemitism was the “first rung on the ladder of prejudice and discrimination that led to genocide—first against the Jews, then political opponents, homosexuals, Roma and Sinti people.” In the first place, there is no proof that genocide took place against any of those groups, and in fact it didn’t. But further, to claim that antisemitism (hatred of Jews) leads to prejudice and discrimination of other disfavored groups, and then genocide, is nuts. Many groups are not in favor at different times for different reasons, not just Jews. It’s completely without foundation to say that it always starts with Jews and then spreads to others (‘canary in the coal mine’).

Finally, they use the very left-wing Guardian newspaper and the Jewish Antidefamation League as their sources of information. “According to the ADL, ignorance and lack of education are the dominant source of antisemitic views.” This reinforces their fixed idea that “antisemitism” is the problem, and portrays “antisemites” as ignorant and uneducated people. “The Guardian newspaper reported a 34% rise in 2017 violent assaults against Jewish people and the number has again risen in 2018.” This means nothing since these ‘assaults’ (only a tiny fraction of which consist of any violence or touching) are reported by Jews themselves, are not properly investigated but just accepted, and since there are so few that a 34% rise could translate to only one or two more incidents, anyway.

Because they misrepresent us, our positions and arguments, we must always refute their misrepresentations in as aggressive a way as they come after us. Not name calling! Not by making fun of. But directly and with superior knowledge, keeping to the point. I see excellent refutations taking place on the Internet all the time–great work going on in comment sections! We need to keep up with the latest findings and also expose their pathetic reliance on “hate and antisemitism” accusations instead of bringing forth evidence and documentation they claim they have.

Work with us! Jews say to Facebook

Their “offer” is that their coalition will deliver “educational resources in multiple languages at no cost” to Facebook, with which it can “tackle hate and prejudice, teach empathy, understanding and respect.” (Why don’t they respect that others can have a different point of view on  Holocaust without their being evil or a hater?) They also have “thousands of shareable stories—some in interactive format.” (They utterly rely on ‘stories’.) So in other words, Facebook should become a Holocaust teaching site and use the coalition’s teaching materials to actually promote the Holocaust on Facebook! Wow. Somehow I don’t think Zuckerberg with take them up on it. They close with this: “We will contact your office to set something up.” It almost sounds like a threat.

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  1. Embrace Holocaust and say: “6 million? But there were 11 million Jews in Europe at the time. Not good ‘Nazi’, not good, job NOT done!” Really Hitler was an idiot if the Holocaust isn’t real.

    But what about the Holocaust perpetrated by the All-lies in post-war Germany? Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm should empower us more than ever!

  2. There is no evidence to support a Holocaust, and it it is not in the true Aryan nature to use the methods of the enemy, as Aryan literally translates as Noble.

    • Then Adolf Hitler’s Political Testament is fake. And I do not agree that Holocaust wouldn’t be noble if it were done with complete detachment on the part of the executioner, see Otto Ohlendorf’s testimony. Just a job to be done as Third Reich was(to become) strictly anti-humanist. As I’ve said before I am sure to the 6 million but to each his own I guess.

      Best to you.

      P.S. Patrick Agte’s book on Peiper is wonderful.

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