Fears Of A Far-Right Mole In German Police

Demonstrations in Chemnitz after two immigrants were arrested following a fatal stabbing

The leak of an arrest warrant which names one of the chief suspects in a stabbing that riots in Germany this week has raised fears that the country’s police may have been infiltrated by the far-Right.

The confidential document, which was shared by far-Right groups on social media, names a 22-year-old Iraqi, one of two immigrants being held on suspicion of stabbing a German-Cuban man to death in the eastern city of Chemnitz at the weekend.

Giving the Roman salute and chanting: “A dead foreigner for every dead German”.

Police confirmed on Wednesday that the leaked document was genuine and said they had opened an investigation into suspected “violation of official secrets”.

There are fears of possible vigilante attacks after the leaked document gave the full name and address of one of the arrested men.

study last year found that attitudes carried over from former communist East Germany have made people in today’s east far more likely to be patriotic. The report concluded that eastern Germans are socialized to have an “exaggerated need for harmony, ‘purity’ and order” as well as a “collective, overwhelmingly positive and ethnically pure identity.” It also highlighted a “selective culture of memory,” in which eastern Germans repress negative memories of the communist past, fail to come to terms with the legacy of  anti-Semitism and tend to blame foreigners for social and economic problems.

The study was slammed by Saxony’s ruling Christian Democratic party (CDU) and months later disavowed by Iris Gleicke, who was then the federal government commissioner for eastern German affairs and had commissioned it. Despite criticism of the methodology, the findings were backed up by researchers in the field in eastern Germany.

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