Letter From Ursula Haverbeck On Her Upcoming Hamburg Trial

The lovely Ursula is now in prison in Bielefeld serving a two-year sentence, but is also having to defend herself from another charge brought by the prosecutor in the Hamburg court.

Regarding myself, I am not a University professor; I am not a Chemist; I am not a technician; Like the judge and prosecutor, I am dependent on the statements of witnesses and experts with regard to the nature and character of Auschwitz.

But for twelve years now I have travelled from one end of the BRD (Federal Repubic of Germany) to the other in order to participate in the trials of comrades and in my own; trials based upon paragraph 130 [Race hatred laws] of the German criminal code. By this experience, I have been able to gain a deep isight into the nature of the judicial process here in the Federal Republic.

Many judges, – including German judges – regard paragraph 130 as incompatible with Article 5 of our Basic Law [which guarantees Freedom of Speech and enquiry, etc.]. Perhaps even you have your doubts, Lady Judge [a woman judge has been assigned the case].The case involves crimes “committed” by the National Socialists. It is undestood to concern the Holocaust. The question, as to whether the Holocaust was actually committed, may not be put.  The question itself is already a crime, because the crime is obvious.

By this means a “Stop” sign is deliberately put in place to thwart the scientific research of  History: it is forbidden to proceed any further; it is forbidden to conduct research into this subject. Clearly what we  see here is a symptom of  weakness [of the case against us]: a subjective assertion becomes the thing claimed or assumed [a postulate].

This trial is not a conventional trial, that is, a trial to consider whether a crime has been committed. Here we have two contrary, opposed opinions, each based on received but contradictory sources. Neither of the two parties, neither the prosecution nor the defendant has personally, directly been victim of an alleged  crime. So it is not a question here of crimes but of opinions. It is a question of seeking the truth of a historical happening / event. That can not be the task of jurists; that is the task of independent historians.

Neither the Memorial centres [at Auschwitz and elsewhere], nor the SPIEGEL editor[Fritjof Meyer] have ever been charged with “denial of the Holocaust”. On the contrary it is said that the Spiegel editor verified (that is, he reported truthfully), which is not a criminal offence. Therefore how does it come, that to this very day German citizens who question the Six Million victims of the gas-chambers, are dragged into the courts and condemned to fines or prison sentences ? That has got nothing to do with a proper legal system. That is pure arbitrariness.  But how could it have come to such a state ?

It is all due to the fact that paragraph 130 is incompatible with the Basic Law.

The question of whether Auschwitz was an extermination camp or a work-camp, can not be decided by this court. One should not forget that for forty years Katyn was taken to be a crime committed by the Germans. Then the Russian government handed over to the Polish government the proof that Stalin had ordered the crime; and so it was clearly proven that the Bolsheviks had committed the crime.

Lastly here is an indication that Jews and Israelis – two of whom I know personally- long for and  yearn to be liberated from the Holocaust and from the chosen people. Gilad Atzmon, a renowned, Jewish saxophonist and author made the following public statement at a meeting in Bochum in the year 2005:

“Put an end now to your guilt-complex. The Holocaust is an invention of the American and Israeli secret services.”

Now that is an opinion that may be false or true. But under no circumstances can it be a crime. That would be the end of a free, liberal state based upon the rule of law. We should be less antagonistic to dissenters and deal with them with a more tender understanding. The truth does not belong to any one person. But we all have a duty to seek the truth.

It is now high time, 72 years after the end of the Second World War that we free ourselves from this “mental prison”. What Avraham Burg the former Speaker at the Israeli Knesset [parliament] urged upon his fellows in Israel, applies equally for the Justice-system in the Federal Republic of Germany. We are making our selves the laughing stock of the world. We are making ourselves unworthy of serious consideration so long as we continue to sacrifice the Rule of Law to paragraph 130 [the Racial hatred law], and against all Law and conscience force German judges to send guiltless men and women to prison.

Ursula Haverbeck.

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TRIANGLE AND SIGRUNE- The sigrune was a German symbol for victory. The triangle or Triag points upwards and was the symbol for life. The three represents the cycle of life (The Beginning of life, the future of one’s life, and the ending of one’s life.) A sigrune is a Nordic sign for Victory which was used in ancient Germany as a greeting. It is the origination of the Adolf Hitler salute better known as the Hail Victory or SIEG HEIL salute.

HAGAL RUNE- The Hagal Rune is an asterisk inside a six sided hexagon. The asterisk has six lines shooting from the center in all directions. The Hagal Rune is an expression of ones inner strength to overcome all problems and adversity. It was also used to instill an inner strength in the German people so that they would be fearless; enabling them to conquer the world. Also, the Hagal Rune could be used to form any of the eighteen symbols of the Nordic Runic Alphabet.

SWASTIKA- The Swastika or “Fryfros”  is an ancient symbol of eternal life and good luck. Also, it symbolizes the GIBOR RUNE – This means: GIB – give and OR- descendant. It was used as a sign of prosperity and the survival and future of the whole German race. The Swastika’s true meaning represents the German people being one with “God and enternity”.

CIRCLE – DUAL SIGRUNES AND TYRUNE – The dual sigrunes was the symbol of the SS-Schutzstaffel.  The many symbols within the circle had a meaning for one to be “FEARLESS, TRUE, BRAVE, that DEATH CANNOT KILL. ” TYR was the ” God of War “and OL the sword was the spirit. Both are represented in the circle TYROS and come from Runic Alphabet.

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