Though one can not wander very far in my home without coming across Third Reich relics, reproductions, and a library of books on this unrivaled struggle in history, my most cherished item is often missed to all but the untrained eye. I wear it everyday , a constant reminder of my loyalty, and my entrance ticket to the great hall of Valhalla, my Ehrenring hand made in Latvia by master silversmith Richard Purmalis. Richard  die strikes and hand engraves your name, date and Himmler signature exactly as the originals where made by Otto Gahr firm from Munich.

All engraving is done by hand like in old times, not machine engraving or pantograph.  All rings from his store can be personalized with the hand engraving you want – like date, name, city etc.  Cost of hand engraving is $35.00  You can also mail in your own ring or anything for engraving.


Richard also makes other Third Reich rings. Below are a few examples.




ring 4

Check out his website and order your ring from a believer who lays a wreath on March 16th for the Latvian legionnaires in Riga!


TRIANGLE AND SIGRUNE- The sigrune was a German symbol for victory. The triangle or Triag points upwards and was the symbol for life. The three represents the cycle of life (The Beginning of life, the future of one’s life, and the ending of one’s life.) A sigrune is a Nordic sign for Victory which was used in ancient Germany as a greeting. It is the origination of the Adolf Hitler salute better known as the Hail Victory or SIEG HEIL salute.

HAGAL RUNE- The Hagal Rune is an asterisk inside a six sided hexagon. The asterisk has six lines shooting from the center in all directions. The Hagal Rune is an expression of ones inner strength to overcome all problems and adversity. It was also used to instill an inner strength in the German people so that they would be fearless; enabling them to conquer the world. Also, the Hagal Rune could be used to form any of the eighteen symbols of the Nordic Runic Alphabet.

SWASTIKA- The Swastika or “Fryfros”  is an ancient symbol of eternal life and good luck. Also, it symbolizes the GIBOR RUNE – This means: GIB – give and OR- descendant. It was used as a sign of prosperity and the survival and future of the whole German race. The Swastika’s true meaning represents the German people being one with “God and enternity”.

CIRCLE – DUAL SIGRUNES AND TYRUNE – The dual sigrunes was the symbol of the SS-Schutzstaffel.  The many symbols within the circle had a meaning for one to be “FEARLESS, TRUE, BRAVE, that DEATH CANNOT KILL. ” TYR was the ” God of War “and OL the sword was the spirit. Both are represented in the circle TYROS and come from Runic Alphabet.

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