Merkel Fires Spy Chief for Defending Anti-Immigrant Protesters

By Andrew Anglin

So the head of German intelligence was defending the “far right” protesters who are opposed to “migrants” slaughtering Germans… so Merkel fired him.

This is some hot hot heat right here, folks.


Germany’s government said on Tuesday it would replace the head of its domestic intelligence agency who has faced accusations of harboring far-right sympathies, putting an end to a row that exposed divisions in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

Hans-Georg Maassen, who had questioned the authenticity of video footage showing far-right radicals hounding migrants in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, will become a senior official at the interior ministry once he leaves the BfV agency, the government said in a statement.

The center-left Social Democrats (SPD), junior coalition partners of Merkel’s conservative bloc, had wanted Maassen removed from the post he has held since 2012.

Maassen’s comments on the video pictures contradicted Merkel’s own assessment. She said they “very clearly revealed hate” which could not be tolerated.

The far-right violence, the worst seen in Germany in decades, followed the fatal stabbing of a German man that was blamed on two migrants. Earlier on Tuesday a German court released one of the men, an Iraqi, though a Syrian man remains in custody and a third suspect is being sought.

Merkel has been criticized for taking 11 days to act on Maassen, whose comments on the far-right violence in Chemnitz during an interview with mass-selling Bild newspaper on Sept. 7 triggered the row.

I don’t know if the specific video was fake or not. The claim is that no one knows who anyone in the video is, no one was arrested, it could have been actors doing a stage scene in order to portray the protesters as violent – and allow them to keep chanting “attacking migrants” whenever they mention the protests.

Either way, basically this was a gesture saying “yo, this isn’t really a bad thing that people are pissed off about migrants killing people.”

And in Germany, no government official is allowed to publicly state that it is bad for migrants to kill people. It is totally and completely against the rules.

The good news is, he is getting transferred to some other position, because there was enough support for him in the government that he couldn’t be outright fired. Plus Merkel apparently didn’t want him to be a full martyr and go rogue, becoming some kind of voice of the “far right.”

To be clear, the “far right” in this situation in Chemnitz is just normal people who are mad that migrants are allowed to kill Germans.

I’m sure there were some hardcore neon-nazis there, because of course they are going to go, but the pictures of thousands of people marching all just look like normal people (also please note that the sex demographics are the opposite of the “refugees welcome” demonstrations, which are all women).

The implication is that only neon-nazis would ever oppose mass invasions of murderous brown people.

The better news is that there are people in the German government – high-ranking people – who sympathize with the right. Presumably, most of them do not want to say anything because they don’t want to be purged. But I mean, amongst the cops and the intelligence… there have to be a lot of these guys, one would think.

So who knows.

Maybe there is hope for Germany.

Ultimately, the will of the people is what matters, and it just doesn’t seem to be there.

Worse is not better, as all the 1980s far right people claimed. We now know that people do not react to increased terrorism and other increasing brown activity by radicalizing, generally. Mostly, they respond to whatever authority tells them. So if there was some authority saying something, maybe it could trigger something.

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