Seven Footballers Axed After Images Emerge Of Squad Giving Hitler Salute

A group of footballers in Germany’s North Rhine have been sacked and are being investigated by authorities after a photo of them performing Hitler salutes was shared online by the side’s shirt sponsor.

Seven players from SC 1920 Myhl – a club with 300 members – in the German town of Wassenberg have been expelled from the team.

The teams’ shirt sponsor, kebab shop owner Engin Arslan, asked the team to do something funny for their photo.

Seven footballers, between the ages of 18 and 27, elected to do the Hitler salute.

Use of the gesture is outlawed in modern Germany and considered a criminal offense in other nations, including Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

Arslan, 38, shared the photo on social media and deleted it minutes later but it was too late as it had been spotted by shocked netizens. The club’s executive board were reportedly shocked by the image and decided to kick the footballers off the team.Chairman Marc Winkens said: “When we found out about it we immediately convened a board meeting. According to our club rules, we could only reach the conclusion to expel the members.”

According to reports, Arslan will no longer be their sponsor and the side’s shirts will be replaced. Winkens said: “It wouldn’t be consistent to continue having him as a sponsor.”

According to him, the kebab shop’s banner has also already been taken down from the club’s ground.

On top of it all, authorities are reportedly investigating all of them for using symbols of unconstitutional organizations as the Hitler salute is banned in Germany.

I believe this over the top intolerance will lead to an  huge backlash. It is only a matter of time until we see thousands in the street holding their right arms in a salute to the Volk.

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  1. The war on free speech starts with outlawing anything that is considered outrageous and insensitive. From there, the totalitarians will gradually, step by step, outlaw all unapproved political speech. Free people everywhere must stand up against these limitations on human liberty.

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