What To Do About Hitler’s Berghof?


just two signs – one in German, the other in English – mark the mountainside location of the Berghof, Adolf Hitler’s retreat in the Bavarian Alps which acted as the Third Reich’s second seat of command.

The site on Obersalzberg has lain largely abandoned since the already bomb-damaged chalet was finally blown up and buried in 1952, with fast-growing trees planted to hide from view even the soil on which Hitler once trod.

In 1999, a small museum, the Dokumentation Obersalzberg was opened,  which attempts to present the NSDAP as evil ,,300 metres from the Berghof site in an attempt to stop the area becoming a shrine. But the true believers have kept coming. The information signs are defaced. Swastikas are carved into the trees. Lit candles are left on a perimeter wall and a fireplace that make up the few remaining ruins.

Museum staff have noticed that in the last two years coach tours from Hungary and Czech Republic, where far-right ideas are on the rise, have started to arrive.

It is in this context that a €21m expansion of the Dokumentation Obersalzberg, due to be completed in the summer of 2020, is once again focusing minds: what to do about the Berghof?

As it stands, a small stony path through the trees is all that links the museum to the patch of unkempt ground where the Berghof stood above the town of Berchtesgaden.

bergof muse


The museum, managed by Munich’s Institute of Contemporary History, is currently a two-floor exhibit built on a former guest house, from where there is an entrance to four miles of tunnels and bunkers constructed in 1943 to protect Hitler and his entourage from allied bombs. With the completion of the museum’s expansion, which has involved carving into the mountain, the exhibition space will be doubled to 840 sq metres.

The building works have been slightly delayed – for understandable reasons. On 25 April 1945, British and American forces, believing that Hitler had fled Berlin for the Berghof, bombed it from the air.

As the construction workers dug into the hill last year, they found one of the undetonated bombs. “So we know there might be more,” Irlinger said. “Actually, when it was found we had to evacuate the building, but we ran down and said we had to keep it for the exhibition. It will be put in front of the entrance to the bunkers.”

Irlinger said that the expanded museum’s aim is to connect the pictures of Hitler taking tea, playing with his dog, and going to the opera in Salzburg, with the decisions he made in between the photoshoots to kill millions.(The Goy will believe this …)

Irlinger said it was staff members’ duty to offer information and education to those who wanted to visit, while being aware of those with darker motives. “It is getting harder for us because with skinheads we can see them,” he said. “What we have now is that people are more smart. They say things that are on the edge. They are hiding more. They know how to provoke and ask questions, or bring arguments, that it takes a long time to argue against.”

“In the past places likes the Obersalzberg, where nice pictures were made of Hitler, were ignored. This third generation goes to these places,” said Irlinger, 34. “

Adolf Hitler


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