Happy Birthday Ezra Pound


         Ezra Weston Loomis Pound born 30 October 1885

To celebrate this great man I share with you his RADIO SPEECHES OF WORLD WAR II


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Monica Schaefer Free With Time Served

By Carolyn Yeager

BOTH MONICA AND HER BROTHER ALFRED RECEIVED PRISON SENTENCES on Oct. 26 at their trial in Munich, Germany, for “denying the Holocaust.”

Monica, 59, (above) was given a sentence of 10 months and was set free immediately as she has been incarcerated for that long already. Alfred, 63, was sentenced to 3 years, 2 months – obviously seen as the more ‘dangerous’ of the two.

According to the Canadian Jewish News, the only media coverage I have found so far other than a brief email from Lady Michele Renouf who was personally contacted by one of their attorneys:

The siblings were tried together on six counts of “incitement to hatred” for producing and posting at least one video in which Monika Schaefer denied the Holocaust.

In the five-minute video uploaded to Youtube, titled ‘Sorry, Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,’ Monica Schaefer said the Holocaust was the “biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.” Whoops, guess she didn’t know that was hateful; she was trying to do good to Germans like herself and her mother. But in our post-WWII system only Jews are allowed to defend themselves.

In the video, Monica also claimed that death camps were really work camps where prisoners were kept “as healthy and as well-fed as was possible.” This is also hateful to the ears of Jews; they can’t stand to hear that they were ever treated well or justly by White Europeans. It’s pure agony for them.

The court found that the producer of this video was brother Alfred, who carried out this crime in the town of Tutzing, outside Munich. That puts it under Germany’s jurisdiction. On top of that, Monica admitted that she knew he intended to publish it online. So guilty they are, and as we know, any evidence that supports that what they say about the “Holocaust” is true is not allowed in German courtrooms. It was determined long ago (at the Nuremberg Tribunals in 1946) that Truth Is No Defense when it comes to the findings of those tribunals. Their findings are law and can no longer be questioned.

Alfred Schaefer will probably appeal his sentence … not that it will do any good. He is considered a ‘troublemaker’ (another who wishes to defend National Socialist Germany) who they want to keep out of circulation as much as possible. But we congratulate Monica on finally being freed. We’ll keep you informed as we know more.

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Postcards From The Third Reich

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German Legion des Voluntaires


The Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism was a militia of Vichy France founded on 8 July 1941. It volunteered to fight against the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front. It was officially known by its German designation, the 638th Infantry Regiment (Infanterieregiment 638).

By October 1941, there were two battalions of 2,271 men which had 181 officers and an additional staff of 35 German officers. They fought the Soviet Union Red Army as part of the foreign contingent of the German Army. They were sent into combat near Moscow in November 1941 as part of the 7th Infantry Division. The LVF lost half their numbers in action or through frostbite. In 1942 the men were assigned to anti-partisan duties in the Byelorussian SSR (Belarus). At the same time, another unit was formed in France, La Légion Tricolore (Tricolor Regiment) but this unit was absorbed into the LVF six months later.


During the spring of 1942, the LVF was reorganized with only the 1st and 3rd battalions. The LVF’s French commander, Colonel Roger Labonne, was relieved in mid-1942, and the unit was attached to various German divisions until June 1943 when Colonel Edgar Puaud took command. The two independent battalions were again united in a single regiment and continued fighting partisans in Ukraine. In early 1944, the unit again took part in anti-partisan duties. In June 1944, the LVF was called into action when Army Group Centre‘s front collapsed under the Red Army‘s summer offensive. The LVF was attached to the 4th SS Police Regiment and fought in a delaying action.


A new recruiting drive in Vichy France attracted 3,000 applicants, mostly members of the militia and university students. The new formation was known as the 8th SS Volunteer Sturmbrigade France. On 1 September 1944, the Legion of French Volunteers was officially disbanded. A new unit, the Waffen-Grenadier-Brigade der SS “Charlemagne”, was formed out of the remnants of the LVF and French Sturmbrigade, which was also disbanded. In February 1945, the Waffen-Grenadier-Brigade was officially upgraded to a division and became the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French). At that time it had a strength of 7,340 men.



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The State Labour Service In Germany


It is not easy to give the foreigner a true picture of the State Labour Service, because this is a National Socialist scheme based upon conditions such as exist in Germany only. If English readers are to form a proper judgment of it, they must first of all know something of the premises upon which its development depended.


Leader of the Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Department attached to the Reich Labour Leader

The State Labour Service has to fulfil two great tasks, entrusted to it by the Labour Service Law, namely, an economic and an educational one.

Let us deal first of all with its economic aspect. Even before 1914 Germany was an over-populated country. By the Versailles Treaty, she lost 9.5 per cent. of her population and 13 per cent. of her area – a loss which made the pressure of over-population still greater. Moreover, the districts thus separated contained the richest agricultural land of the Reich. In this way was lost 18 per cent. of the area under potatoes and 17 per cent. of that under rye, the percentages for other products being similar. When it is remembered that Germany’s defeat in the War was ultimately due to famine, it is not difficult to realize how terrible it was for her to have to yield up twice as much of her crop bearing area as corresponds to the loss of population. Germany thus lost her chance of being self-supporting in the way of food, and as long as a people depends upon others for essential commodities, it cannot be said to be truly free. Independence in this domain is of vital importance to the freedom of every State.

It was, therefore, quite natural that Herr Hitler, the Führer and Chancellor, should desire to provide himself, as soon as he had taken up office, with an instrument that would help him to make Germany self-supporting once more. The instrument chosen for that purpose was the Reich Labour Service.

Colonel (now Reich Labour Leader) Hierl, to whom supreme command of the Labour Service was given, did not start upon his duties without sound preparation. In 1929 he had already laid before the Führer his plans for the development of a Labour Service and had received Herr Hitler’s approval. From that time onwards, he carefully worked out all the details and took all the steps required to establish a National Socialist Labour Service. Although membership was to be voluntary at first, it was to become a national duty for all Germans later on.

The outcome of that preparatory work was that the Reich Labour Leader, who had surrounded himself with a staff of efficient co-operators, arrived at the following conclusions, namely:

We have in Germany large areas of waste or insufficiently cultivated land that could be used for growing crops. Some 2,000,000 acres could be converted into arable land and more than 2,500,000 acres of poor soil could be made to yield far better crops than is the case now if subjected to improvement. In addition to this, there are another 1,000,000 acres, including waste forests, that could also be made profitable. All in all, this amounts to some 5,000,000 acres – an area as large as the Prussian province of Westphalia or Schleswig-Holstein. It is, therefore, no exaggeration on the part of Colonel Hierl when he continually emphasises that the State Labour Service is capable of adding a whole province to the present area of the Reich.

It is actually true that the Labour Service, when it has carried through the programme at present laid down for it, will have provided Germany, within half the span of a man’s life, with sufficient agricultural land to ensure an adequate food supply for the whole country. German food independence will then have been won.

The results hitherto achieved by the Labour Service in making the countryside fruitful show that these statements are no illusions. An area the size of the Saar district was cleared and made ready for cultivation between 1933 and 1935.

So much for the economic point of view; we will now briefly examine the educational aspect of the Labour Service.

In this connection it is necessary to remember that all civilized countries, since the coming of the Machine Age, have greatly suffered from the erection of certain social barriers. Briefly, populations have been divided into two great classes, bourgeoisie and proletariat. The bourgeoisie adopted, for the most part, a Liberal Capitalism which amounted practically to a recognition of the principle that “those who have may do as they please,” to which the proletariat replied by asserting that “possession is theft.” It must be clear to all unprejudiced persons that both these ideas will finally lead to anarchy and Bolshevism. However, the development of all civilised countries has shown that this recognition is lacking, although the troubles from which all have suffered – some more and some less – are largely attributable to these class differences.

Germany, because of her historical development and, above all, because of her rapid transition from an agricultural to an industrial country, suffered from class quarrels in their extremist form, the position being aggravated by her loss of the War and the resultant Weimar system of government. When the Führer attained power, he was faced with the fact that the German people were divided into two sections neither of whom – though using the German language – could understand the other. Indeed, they were even prepared to fight one another to the death. The Führer and his movement succeeded in achieving the impossible by putting an end to class hatred.

Herr Hitler then instructed the Labour Service to be an instrument by which the lack of vision of the bourgeoisie and the class hatred of the proletariat should be counteracted, and a true community of all Germans should be created. On the National Labour Day, May 1st, 1934, when speaking on the Tempelhof Field, he declared:

It is not a mere chance that the party representing class war and class division fought so bitterly against compulsory Labour Service. They lived by the destruction of the nation and it would not have served their purpose to see these divisions set aside. They therefore told the masses that the Labour Service was designed only to steal the labour from the labourer. They had no Labour Service: instead, they had six million unemployed. We have introduced Labour Service and we have reduced the number of unemployed by more than half. We do not want the Labour Service to take the worker away from his place. In view of the number of employed people and the number enrolled in the Labour Service, such an assertion would be ridiculous. But we do want the Labour Service to compel every young German to work with his hands at least once and thus to contribute to the progressive development of his people. Above all, we want those Germans who are in sedentary occupations to learn what manual work means, so that they may find understanding and sympathy for those of their comrades whose lives are spent in the fields, the factory or the workshop. We want to destroy the haughtiness with which, unfortunately, so many intellectuals look down upon the manual workers and we wish them to realise that they, too, will be worth all the more if they possess a certain capacity for physical work. The whole idea underlying the Labour Service is to promote understanding between all classes and thus to strengthen the spirit of national solidarity. We desire that all should learn to know each other so that, little by little, the natural basis may be formed of a true inward fellowship, a fellowship which was destroyed in the course of many centuries. National Socialism is inspired with the irrevocable determination to re-establish it. We all know, however, that this cannot be achieved by mere words or professions, but only by a new kind of education.

This may be said to be a rough description of the principles in accordance with which Colonel Hierl has led the Reich Labour Service.

We will now briefly describe how the educational task of the Service is approached. It comprises physical culture as well as intellectual instruction, the latter having a deliberately National Socialist tendency.

Physical education is designed to improve the entire physique of the worker, and especially to give him suppleness of limb. The successes attained in this direction are already considerable. Last summer I conducted two delegations of officers of high rank, sent to Germany by two important Powers, round some of our camps and showed them what our Service was doing in the way of physical culture. What they saw aroused their astonishment and admiration, although both delegations came from countries which pay great attention to the physical well-being of their populations. “This is undoubtedly a peak achievement,” was the comment of a General Staff officer who is an expert, not only in his own country, but who is intimately acquainted with these matters in three other European countries. I can assure everyone that the Reich Labour Service is firmly determined to maintain that superiority, because it is of enormous importance to the health of our people that our young manhood should undergo this physical education.

Then there is the intellectual education, which is National Socialism’s appeal to hearts and heads alike. This teaching is not given in class-rooms, but rather consists in the actual conduct of life and work in the camp. Experience is the thing that chiefly matters, whilst the instruction in political science is only an accessory. Even this knowledge is not imparted by the methods of the class-room or the barracks, but rather in the form of a kind of labour comradeship, by means of which the Labour Service Leader puts all matters in so simple and comprehensible a way that they are bound to make an impression. The young workers’ heads are not stuffed with knowledge (which they would, in any case, rapidly forget afterwards), but they are made to understand more intuitively what our Leader desires and what is the meaning of the National Socialist battle for the people and the State.

The young people live together in their camps, far from the big cities, and break German ground with their spades, so that members of all classes – workers, officers, farmers and salesmen – get to know one another and to respect one another’s feelings. In our camps, class distinctions are overcome by the facts of experience. Elsewhere, leading articles are written deriding class struggles, but we abolish them with the aid of the spade and thanks to the community spirit naturally growing up in the Labour Camps. Here the son of middle-class parents learns that the labourer’s son is worth just as much as he, whilst the labourer learns to value the student as a true comrade. The most valuable lesson, however, thus learnt by them is that all work, whether done by the hand or the brain, is equally honourable if performed by decent people for decent purposes. Labour Service has, therefore, provided a new set of practical ethics which is above both the bourgeois and proletarian way of thought, and supersedes both of them. In our camps, the conception “bourgeoisie” meets with just as much ridicule as the conception” proletariat,” for every member looks upon himself as a German, and nothing else. There can be no doubt that the work now done under the inspiring leadership of Colonel Hierl is of so great an importance to future generations that it can hardly be realised by us, and this is certainly recognised – even if not fully – by the many people who visit us from abroad. We appreciate their admiration, but we must remind them that our Labour Service is not something that can simply be reproduced elsewhere. This, therefore, is what we always point out to foreign commissions wishing to study the Labour Service:

The worst mistake you could make would be the attempt to copy what we have done. Our Labour Service is essentially German, and is based exclusively upon our home needs and our own sense of values. In these matters, each nation must follow the paths laid down by its own needs and its peculiar instincts, because the conditions and circumstances that have to be dealt with are different in each case. From us you can learn only one thing, and that is that the social disintegration from which nearly all countries are suffering cannot be overcome by writing leading articles or by speech-making, but only by means of action. This, and this only, can be learnt from the German Labour Service. Organisation and development must be evolved separately in each country.

In this the Reich Labour Service resembles National Socialism: it is not an international affair, but simply a German one. So German is it that, to the astonishment of the rest of the world, the young German girls will shortly be drawn into a compulsory Labour Service. They, of course, will not handle spades, but will perform woman’s work, for the women of Germany are also to learn that no higher lot can be theirs than to work for their nation in the home, at the cooking-stove and amongst their children.

Thus the Reich Labour Service teaches all young Germans to be of use to their country.

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Norway Apologizes To Its World War Two ‘German Girls’

Tyskerjente med soldat_Foto Deutsches Bundesarchiv Wikimedia Commons_0

Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg has issued an official government apology to Norwegian women who were mistreated over World War Two-era relationships with German soldiers.

Norway, a neutral country, was invaded by German forces in April 1940.

Up to 50,000 Norwegian women are thought to have had intimate relationships with German soldiers.

Collaborator_Girls (1)

The women who had relationships with the soldiers became known by the nickname the “German Girls”, and were targeted for reprisals in Norway when the war ended – standing accused of betraying the country.

Punishments included being deprived of civil rights, detained or expelled from the country to Germany along with their children.


About 10-12,000 children are thought to have been born as a result of relationships between Norwegian women and German soldiers.

Some of the children were also targeted for acts of revenge, given up to foster families or placed in institutions.

In 2007 a group of children took Norway to the European Court of Human Rights, but their case was ruled inadmissible because of the amount of time that had passed since the offenses occurred.


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R. Faurisson.jpg

By Carolyn Yeager

SUNDAY, OCT. 21 – Nearly 90-Year old Robert Faurission is reported to have died instantly from a heart attack as he entered his home in Vichy, France after flying home from attending a revisionist gathering in Shepperton, England. This report comes via email from Lady Michele Renouf who was at the meeting and who was informed of the death by R.F.’s brother.

We even have a video, made and uploaded by Vincent Reynouard, of the shamefully disrupted meeting in which Faurisson appears. So we are all privileged to see the great man in his last hours. As Lady Renouf signed off when sending the news – LONG LIVE FAURISSON. [A fuller written account of the day’s events can now be found at Heritage and Destiny.]

I’m sure we will all be redoubling our efforts at publicizing the falsity of this terrible hoax called “The Holocaust” in the wake of dear Professor Faurisson’s leave-taking to join the brave revisionists who have preceded him into the pantheon of heroes. We will never give up, we will never give in. The truth is ours.

A tribute to Robert Faurisson from his friend Guiseppe (Joe) Fallisi

I still have eyes that burn with tears and I can not fall asleep. Returning, a few hours ago, from the Bari airport I was given tremendous news: Robert Faurisson rose in the Elysian Fields. As soon as he returned to his home in Vichy, he collapsed to the ground, dead. His big heart had stopped beating. With other faithful friends we met yesterday afternoon in Shepperton, in a hotel, the Anchor Hotel, which will now go down in history for hosting the professor’s last conference and at the same time for demonstrating once again, in the person of his vile master (a ball of tallow and black bile), how much the intimidation of the politically correct, of the very laid Judaic dictatorship weighs on all Europe.* In that city [of Shepperton], Robert was born almost ninety years ago. Walking along he had confided to me, always lucid, equanimous and indomitable, but very, very tired, so minute and almost now diaphanous, to feel that his task had ended. In fact, this man, more than brave, all he had to do was to make a contribution to the immense revisionist cause. In addition to the judicial and moral harassment he had to undergo, he was more than ten times physically assaulted by the hateful enemies who wanted to prevent him from expressing himself, from living. He always knew how to resist and get up again, not deflecting a millimeter from the intrepid search for truth. One day he will be celebrated as a HERO of free thought. W ROBERT FAURISSON!

Thank you, Guiseppe. I apologize if my automatic translation from the Italian is not up to the quality of your writing.

Below is a photo taken Sunday of Faurisson, Renouf and Fallisi, labeled by Renouf as the last photo when Robert declared himself content and happy he had sung his swan song, full circle, having stated his life’s work and worth in the town of his birth.

Last photo of Robert Faurisson

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The National Socialist Lifestyle


By Martin Kerr

What does it mean to be a National Socialist?

Certainly, we can say that someone who is in general agreement with the National Socialist worldview, as he or she understands it, is a National Socialist in a formal sense of the term. There are also those who appreciate the NS period in European history, although they may not have a comprehensive ideological understanding of National Socialism. They may be described as being sympathetic to National Socialism, even if their theoretical knowledge of the NS worldview is incomplete.

But to be a true National Socialist in a profound sense means living an NS lifestyle, not just to agree with NS ideas in an abstract manner, or to admire historical National Socialism from a distance.

Hermann Goering once noted that one does not become a National Socialist simply as a matter of intellectual endorsement, but rather that one is born a National Socialist. The NS philosopher Savitri Devi further expanded on this idea:

One does not become a National Socialist. One only discovers, sooner or later, that one has always been one — that, by nature, one could not possibly be anything else. For this is not a mere political label; not an ‘opinion’ that one can accept or dismiss according to circumstances, but a faith, involving one’s whole being, physical and psychological, mental and spiritual: ‘not a new election cry, but a new conception of the world’ — a way of life — as our Führer himself has said.”

It follows that if being a National Socialist is more than just a political belief, it should condition the way one lives one’s life – that is, that there is a characteristic NS lifestyle. Colin Jordan wrote that a person, “acts as a National Socialist, if he is really and entirely one.”

The first thing that we should point out is that a National Socialist has a positive, “can-do” state of mind. He focuses on the solution to a problem, rather than on the problem itself or on the roadblocks that stand in the way to solving the problem. As Adolf Hitler said, “Obstacles exist only to be broken, not to be surrendered to.” This is the fundamental NS attitude towards life in general.

We welcome struggle, not as a necessary evil, but as a great gift and opportunity that allows us to strengthen ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Again quoting Hitler: “Mankind has grown great in eternal struggle, and only in eternal peace will it perish.” Fritz Kuhn, leader of the German-American Bund in the 1930s, said, “We must welcome every fight!”

Embracing the struggle-ethic to the fullest has two corollaries. The first of these is that the National Socialist enthusiastically leads an active life. Idle complaint is not National Socialist, nor is sitting around and watching television or fiddling with electronic gadgets hour after hour, day after day. Rather, a National Socialist gets out and engages in the real world. This may take the form of participating in a public activity to build the Movement, or it may simply be going for a hike in the forest. Citing an old Aryan adage, the Führer noted that, “he who rests – rusts.”

Cartoon from an SA newspaper: “Two men – two worldviews.” Which are you?

Do you take the escalator or the stairs? Said Mussolini, “The fascist distains the easy life.” The Duce was not a National Socialist, but in this instance his words are consistent with an NS lifestyle.

The second corollary to embracing an active life is that one accepts a heroic, courageous attitude towards existence and death. A National Socialist knows that there are dangers and hardships in the world, that there is pain, and that someday we all die. Rather than becoming depressed by such a realization, or retreating from the world in a cowardly manner, the National Socialist greets life with joyous fortitude. He steels himself mentally, physically and spiritually against the hardships that he may encounter, with absolute determination to fight through them with manly defiance. The National Socialist resolves to die with a cry of triumph on his lips, not to pass away cowering and whimpering like a beaten dog.

Every National Socialist accepts the SS saying, “Know the laws of life and live accordingly,” as his or her personal motto.

Consequently, exercise, healthy eating, and nourishing the spirit are key features of an NS lifestyle. Just as laziness is un-National Socialist, so is a diet that consists of processed food, nutritionless (or even harmful) snacks, all washed down with some form of alcohol or a sugar-laden soft drink.

Instead, a National Socialist lifestyle includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, with as little meat as possible, along with plenty of water and sunshine. He nourishes his soul with Aryan music and art.

Likewise, the National Socialist shuns polluting himself with the degenerate byproducts of an un-Aryan popular culture. These include films that insult the history of the White race, that promote race-mixing, that degrade women or that glorify crime, as well as so-called “music” that offends the Aryan spirit. Likewise, the National Socialist does not contaminate his body and weaken his spirit with drugs and intoxicants.

A while back someone posting on Stormfront claimed that his favorite music was “National Socialist rap.” Let us get this straight once and for all: there is no “National Socialist rap,” nor is there “NS hip-hop” or “Aryan jazz.” We do not insist that 14-year-old Aryan girls forego silly love songs and listen only to Luftwaffe assault marches or German opera – only that Aryans of both sexes and all ages nourish their spirits with musical forms that are produced by, and consistent with, their racial souls.

In so far as possible, the National Socialist lifestyle is family oriented. Just as he views his race as a gigantic extension of his family, so he views his family as his race in miniature. The National Socialist man treats the women and children of his race with respect, dignity and affection. His fundamental attitude towards them is protective and supportive, not hostile and aggressive.

Sadly, many teenage National Socialists living in a non-NS household alienate themselves from their families by attempting to convert their parents to the Hitlerian worldview over Sunday dinner. Tensions between National Socialists and non-National Socialists within a given family are inevitable, but it is the duty of the National Socialist not to let these tensions rend the family apart. Save your efforts at spreading the Good Word to those outside your family. Explain your beliefs if asked, but do not push them on family members.

National Socialists spend as much time outdoors as they can. They garden, go for walks in the woods, and generally enjoy the splendor of living Nature. They feel that they themselves are a part of the natural world, not that it is a foreign environment that they visit on rare occasion.


Kindness to animals and a love of living nature are components of a National Socialist lifestyle.

The National Socialist lifestyle includes the love of animals, and kindness towards them. Nothing is so foreign to the Aryan spirit than the sadistic slaughter of animals for food practiced by the Semitic peoples.

A true National Socialist interacts with the non-Aryans he encounters in his daily life in a courteous manner, to the degree that they treat him the same. Whatever hostility that we may feel towards other peoples is not personal, and it should not be taken out on random non-Whites whom we may encounter. The depiction of National Socialists as being rude, mean or insulting to ordinary non-Whites, who have done nothing offensive, is right out of the Jewish playbook. Despite what our enemies may say about us, the National Socialist is not a mindless thug.

It is not always easy to live an NS lifestyle in today’s world. Certainly, it is easier in all-White rural areas than it is in the soulless racial cesspools which our cities have become.

In the first decades of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler found himself in a situation similar to that which we encounter today while living in Vienna. Still a teenager or a young man, he was confronted with degeneracy on all sides. His friend August Kubizek reports how the young Hitler dealt with it:

In the midst of that corrupt city, my friend surrounded himself with a wall of unshakeable principles which enabled him to build up an inner freedom, in spite of the dangers around him. He was afraid of infection, as he often said. Now I understand that he meant, not only venereal infection, but a more general infection, namely, the danger of being caught up in the prevailing conditions and finally being dragged down into a vortex of corruption. It is not surprising that no one understood him, that they took him for an eccentric, and that those few who came in contact with him called him presumptuous and arrogant.

But he went his way, untouched by what went on around him…

Sound familiar?

Ultimately, a National Socialist must live a National Socialist lifestyle. To do otherwise would mean being false to whom he or she is. So even when it is difficult – indeed, even dangerous – he lives his outer life in accordance with his inner being. Yet whatever the cost, he has the great recompense of living his life on his own terms. Even in the midst of racial decay and social decline, he lives in the New Order.

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Matt Hale Fund-raiser


Matt’s mother, Evelyn, has a collection of 3 Ben Klassen books which will be shipped for a 30.00 donation to his legal fund, “The White Man’s Bible”, “Nature’s Eternal Religion”, and ” On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War”.

Evelyn Hutcheson
200 Carlson Ave. 25 H
Washington, IL 61571




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