Jakiw Palij Dies at 95 In German Custody


The Ruthenian from Galicia, Jakiw Palij, whom had lost his homeland when the German Army had lost World War II, and  had come to The United States on a special visa established for people suffering from this devastating consequence of war, died yesterday.

In 2002, the Department of Justice moved to deport him after repeated pressure from Jewish groups and the protracted legal battle which ensued came to a close in September when he was removed from  his home by force and flown to Germany, which had no legal right to accept him as he is neither German , nor had broken any German laws. Yesterday, in Ahlen,  this kind old man  met his end, and the Tulmudic press from around the western world celebrate it with this kind of predictable hatred.

“It’s the closure survivors of the Holocaust needed,” said former Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “It also goes to show that our efforts in seeking justice were not in vain, and reinforces our commitment to ridding the world of any last vestige of Nazism regardless of where it may exist. He certainly did not deserve to die on blessed American soil, but rather in a country closer to where he committed his abhorrent crimes.”

I ask you to light a candle for Jakiw Palij and pray that he now has the peace he was deprived for so many years .

For more information on his life and and the hardship he endured paste his name into the American National Socialist search bar.

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