We three Were like Brothers

we three were like brothers
grown up in the same small place
and when the big war came
he tore us away
as a volunteer on the oftfront
we swore solemnly
never to separate us in need and danger
helmut, willhelm and me

and then the day da helmut died
somewhere in deep russia
The wooden cross was only a few days
His grave is unknown today
he was so tired from the long march
through the cold winter night
set under a tree and fell asleep
never woke up again

helmut and willhelm, can you hear me?
only for you i sing this song
I hope you are in one place now
where there are no tears
and no hunger and no pain
no cold, no hostiles
for a place at the table of the heroes
at the big army

and then it met willhelm
a bullet tore his leg
I still hear him in the night
crying for his mother
she appeared to him in feverish delusion
stroked his hair for the last time
she never knew
how terribly long his death was

Now I'm sitting here as an old man
a long time
and I hope you can hear me
wherever you are
if I still have a wish free
then I wished
I would have fallen with you then
and not so lonely here now
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