Ursula Haverbeck Awarded Robert Faurisson prize

Ursula Haverbeck

On the 25th. January 2019, at a ceremony at Vichy, France the International Robert Faurisson prize for 2019 was awarded to Ursula Haverbeck.

The German lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath – who has represented Frau Haverbeck in innumerable trials – accepted the International Robert Faurisson prize in her place. In his Laudatio Herr Nahrath acknowledged, that it was a great honour to receive the prize on behalf of his client.

The full text of the Laudatio is as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed committee, Michele Lady Renouf, Master Fallisi, the Honourable Mr. Nichols.

It is for me a great honour to accept this prize on behalf of my client.

My client, Frau Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel, last year celebrated her ninetieth birthday, but it is not age or physical infirmity that has hindered her from travelling to Vichy.

No, she finds herself in prison in the Federal Republic of Germany. Last year she was condemned in the first instance to three and a half years’ incarceration. A series of further trials against her have been planned and so it is not impossible that she may yet be condemned to further years in prison. The possibility is not to be excluded that she may spend the rest of her life in prison and die in prison.

Now everybody is going to ask, what type of fearful and dangerous criminal is my client who has the criminal energy still to commit crimes at her advanced age. Is she the Godmother of a mafia-type criminal organisation ? Has she robbed, murdered, wounded, cheated, stolen, molested children, dealt in drugs, organised human-trafficking ?

No, she has committed none of these offences. But in reference to her rights of Freedom of Opinion, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Enquiry, she has exercised her personal right publicly to question and to comment on one particular event, limited to a particular time and place. She has done so in public and in her writings and at meetings where she was the guest-speaker and she has distributed her literature widely. And, Yes ? – just for this, people are going to ask, you can be locked up for years in jail in the most free (and liberal) judicial ordering that has ever existed in Germany ? Yes, this has happened and this is the fate of the recipient of this prize.

Originally Frau Haverbeck-Wetzel was part of the humanist movement and for years she was active in protecting the environment.

But it is not a question of just any history. No we are dealing here with the narrative of an organised mass-extermination of human beings, mainly Jewish persons, employing poison gas and carried out on an industrial scale right across Europe up till 1945, and all as ordered by the authorities of the Third Reich. You will all know the figure of Six Million which over time has become the symbol of this narrative.

Since the year 1994 it has been a criminal offence in the Federal Republic of Germany to deny or to approve or to minimise this particular event. The penalty for each offence can result in a five years’ prison sentence. For each offence. The Law permits that an adult may be incarcerated for up to a total of fifteen years.

It is not my intention here to give a lecture on the political criminal laws in Germany and other such lands. Allow me however to express some thoughts.

The Federal Republic and its Basic Law [which serves as the Constitution] has now been in existence for 70 years and the Federal Republic managed successfully for its first forty years without possessing any such provision in Law, [criminalising “disputing, approving, minimising“ that event], without there being any pogroms or other such outrages committed against Jewish persons.

It had taken ten years of continuing insidious agitation organised by just a few individuals before the German Parliament passed this law. For ten long years it was rejected. There was massive concern that the proposal was contrary to the Basic Law and to human rights. By employing all the means at their disposal the handful campaigners – I shall call them here the shop-keepers – got what they wanted.

Even after its embodiment in German Law, distinguished constitutional jurists and even former judges having served on the Federal Constitutional Court at Karlsruhe opposed this provision; and even prominent persons from the so-called “victim-folk” criticised this new provision and demanded its abrogation; many of them even deny the so-called “Holocaust”.

In vain, the provision is still to this day part of the criminal code and many have been jailed because of it, including she who has been awarded this prize. In spite of her age, she was shown no clemency. Just a few days ago, she, who no longer has any living relatives -they have all passed away – she was refused permission to visit the grave of her deceased husband, the humanist Werner Haverbeck. She had wanted to hold a prayer there at the New Year. Refused.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am speaking of the Federal Republic of Germany – and not of some despotic banana-republic somewhere in the world.

I am of the opinion that the provision Article 130, section 3 of the German Criminal Code does not belong in our Law books. [Article 130, section 3 criminalises “disputing, approving, minimising” the Six Million]. The manner in which it became Law and the motivation of those who made Law are in flagrant violation of the basic requirement of every criminal code in which the conduct of an individual can only be punished if there is a legitimate criminal case to answer. There is no such legitimacy for Article 130, section 3, and not even partially so.

The fundamental question is: why may I not dispute and debate historical events ? Who finds such a prohibition useful ? Certainly not the man who wants his Freedom of Speech.

I myself was born in 1963. I have not personally experienced this history. At school and in University I was educated to question everything and to freely debate. That was the Credo of our time. At school and as a student we were allowed to dispute, to doubt and deny as much as we wanted without being punished. Any restrictions placed on what we might think or say or on what books or other literature we might read, such restrictions would have seen as a sacrilege against our rights to Freedom – and this remains so today.

Such prohibitions make the thinking, enquiring man only suspicious. To the right of a free, unforced development of one’s personality belongs the right to participate with one’s own opinions and convictions in debates and in opposition to others all within the law and also to obtain information freely and unhindered and so to form one’s own convictions.

Finally it is an inherent right of every individual to defend the community to which he belongs – that is, his people – from false and wicked accusations including the wickedest.

Therefore he has the right to attempt to argue against the accusation that as an historical fact members of his people had committed a genocide and thereby covered themselves in shame. If subjected to the threat of years’ long imprisonment he can not defend his people, then his soul will sicken.

To find oneself confronted with legally enforced prohibitions of many sorts, thought-prohibitions, information-prohibitions, research-prohibitions, and Freedom of speech prohibitions, all focussed on a very special event, and when under compulsion of severe punishment one to have to remain silent, even though one is convinced of a very different understanding of the matter, all this creates an oppression which can immediately lead to severe crises of the personality, or in any case can harm the free development of the personality. Such oppression is alien to the contemporary Justice system.

This is what happens, I would like once more to stress, when one wants to defend one’s people and its history from the most slanderous of accusations.

I will permit myself to briefly classify this law. It is a law born from the religion of the book. And such a law, I reject most fundamentally.

I ask for forgiveness that I as the defence lawyer for Frau Haverbeck have not been able to keep her out of jail.

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the esteemed committee,

This is the first time that this prize has been awarded; and it shows the generosity of the sponsors and their determination to establish Peace in Freedom. What is special in this first case is that she to whom the award has been given, is a German woman. A woman from the so-called guilty, criminal-folk. A woman of noble spirit, full of the joy of life and always laughing, good natured and courageous.

If not already previously, then by the award of this prize is she ennobled. Ennobled on French soil by men and women from a people who have had to fight many bloody and bitter wars with Germany; ennobled as a German woman campaigning for the rights of Freedom.

This is for me and my humiliated and downcast but so beloved German folk an especially high honour. In the name of she who has been given this award, I thank the esteemed committee from depths of my soul. A sign to give hope for Freedom and Peace.

Wolfram Nahrath, German Lawyer.


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Circular Reasoning And The Holocaust

By Carolyn Yeager

YOU CANNOT PROVE THAT GOD EXISTS BY LOGIC. You also cannot prove that 6 million (or even 2 million) Jews were ‘exterminated’ by the Hitler regime by the current ‘logic’ being used.

Here’s how circular reasoning works. The statement followed by the reason:

‘Whatever is less dense than water will float, because such objects won’t sink in water.’

Although the argument is deductively valid, it does not prove the statement because the conclusion is not distinct from the original statement. ‘Floating’ and ‘not sinking’ are the same. Likewise:

‘Jews are being exterminated by the Nazis, because we have (unconfirmed) reports that Nazis are exterminaing Jews.’

The conclusion is not distinct from the statement.

How the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ is based on circular reasoning

On the World Jewish Congress website under HISTORY, this has long been written:

“It was the World Jewish Congress that, in 1942, alerted the free world to the Nazi Holocaust and pressed US and British leaders to take urgent action in the historic ‘Riegner Telegram’ sent by then WJC Secretary General Gerhart Riegner.”

In the new written history of the World Jewish Congress published in 2016, it’s claimed that “The World Jewish Congress discovered and reported the existence of the extermination plan.” But, in fact, nothing was discovered. They’re referring to the telegram written by Gerhart Riegner in June 1942, in which he ‘reported’ that he was told by an unnamed “Jewish journalist” about a nameless German businessman who said he had learned of a plan being discussed in Fuehrer headquarters to exterminate, possibly by gassing with prussic acid, as many as 3 to 4 million Jews who were first being deported to the East.

At this time, these rumors about Zyklon B (prussic acid crystals), which was used in German prison and work camps to disinfect clothing and barracks, had been floating around in Polish circles.

To say the gas might be used to kill prisoners in addition to killing lice was not a far stretch of the imagination. And so the rumors were presented as fact, since this was the best they had with which to hope to condemn the Germans.

Can this really be the origin of today’s powerful Holocaust Industry?

New Book

The new history published in 2016 is given the official blessing with a forward by WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, and edited by Menachem Z. Rosensaft, General Counsel. The book contains a chapter titled “The World Jewish Congress during World War II” written by Gregory J. Wallance. I found it very interesting because it emphasizes and confirms the energetic role played by the WJC in fashioning the Holocaust, as they see it.

The WJC is obviously proud of its role, which it portrays as essential, as critical, to the uncovering of the “Nazi plot” to exterminate all the Jews of Europe. In this new history, Wallance flatly states

“The World Jewish Congress discovered and reported the existence of the extermination plan; mobilized public opinion for action, especially in the United States and Great Britain; pressured Allied governments to issue war crimes warnings; persuaded neutral countries and the International Red Cross to rescue Jews; lobbied for a war crimes tribunal. (my underlining -cy)

He also wrote: “These efforts were often undermined by callous, often anti-Semitic, career diplomats in the US State Department.” Translated: The professionals in the State Department, which was not a hotbed of Jews at the time, rightly saw through the bogus claims coming from the WJC.Breckinridge Long was an assistant secretary of state over the European affairs section who believed in following the strict immigration laws in force at the time. He was dismissive of the Jewish claims from people like Rabbi Stephen Wise and Gerhart Riegner.

The same initial rejection took place at the British Foreign Office. They received a similar telegram on August 10, held it for a week before passing it on to Samuel Sidney Silverman, to whom it was directed, a Jewish member of the Parliament and chairman of the WJC’s British Section, with the disclaimer that “we have no information bearing on or confirming this story.”

But as we know, Jews are not easily dissuaded. On August 28, Silverman cabled Rabbi Wise in New York with the news. Wise decided to go above Breckinridge Long and contacted Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles, whom Wise considered sympathetic to the plight of European Jewry. Welles asked Wise “not to release the telegram until an attempt had been made to confirm it.” That investigation by American diplomats in Switzerland took several months.

During that time, Riegner and his allies continued trying to find more sources of information, such as from Red Cross workers, to reinforce credibility of ‘the plan.’ All they came up with was evidence of deportations. Their idea was to portray the deportation of Jews eastward as part of the final extermination plan. It appears that in order to appease Wise, Sumner Welles accepted that the deportations were reason enough to conclude that the Jews were in danger of extermination.

In November, after a sympathetic, but not conclusive, meeting with Welles, Wise charged ahead and called a press conference in Washington (left). He told reporters that the State Dept had confirmed reports of a Nazi “extermination plan” to annihilate the entire Jewish population of Europe! The next day, back in New York, he convened a meeting of Jewish leaders to plan a campaign to send telegrams to 500 newspapers requesting editorials on the “Nazi scheme;” invite hundreds of prominent non-Jews to issue statements of condemnation; hold a national day of mourning(!); and seek a meeting with President Roosevelt.

“That afternoon Wise held another press conference where he explained his purpose in disclosing the reports was ‘to win the support of a Christian world* so that its leaders may intervene and protest the horrible treatment of Jews in Hitler’s Europe.’” In response to Wise’s press conference, state dept officials insisted to reporters that Wise’s report was unconfirmed !! But we know to whom the media pays more attention.

[*Jews know they need Europeans’ assistence to get anywhere; they can’t succeed without it. Jews know this, but we don’t. Acting together, we could easily end their great run of good fortune.]

A week later, on Dec. 2, 1942 a national day of mourning and prayer was held in the US and 29 foreign countries. [I can confidently say it was a mostly Jewish event.] In NYC half a million Jewish union members stopped work for ten minutes in their work places, causing some non-Jews to join in. On Dec. 8, Wise and other Jewish leaders met with the President; they brought with them an “extermination” report [see letter]. Roosevelt promised he would issue a war crimes declaration against the ‘Nazis’. Thus the joint US-British declaration titled “German Policy of Extermination of the Jewish Race,” released on December 17, 1942, that vowed to carry out war crimes prosecutions against the responsible German officials. The key word here is ‘responsible’, meaning that after the war those who were actually found responsible for such crimes would be prosecuted. It was a generalized accusation directed at rumors, not proven facts.

In six months, from June to December 1942, the WJC went from an invented telegram created in the mind of Geneva Secretary Gerhart Riegner, to a joint declaration by the two most powerful Western wartime leaders acknowleging “German extermination of the Jewish Race!” With no hard evidence, just by putting out sensationalized, but anonymous ‘reports’ and then later using (confusing) the reports as the results. “We know they did this because they said earlier that they wanted to do it” — that sort of thing.

A new telegram—“6,000 Jews Killed Daily”

“In early 1943, Gerhart Riegner provided another report to the American diplomats in Switzerland, also in the form of a telegram. Dated Jan 19, he asked that they transmit it to the State Department for delivery to Rabbi Wise. It described the acceleration of the Nazi plan, claiming: ‘6,000 Jews killed daily at a single location in Poland … required, before execution, to strip themselves of all their clothing, which is then sent to Germany.’ The telegram also emphasized the ongoing horror in Transnistria, a part of Ukraine: ‘130,000 (Romanian) Jews were deported to Transnistria … approximately 60,000 (had already died) … 70,000 are starving … living conditions indescribable.’ ”

“The diplomats in Switzerland transmitted the telegram to the State Department in a cable sent on January 21, 1943. On Feb. 9, the Division of European Affairs delivered a copy of the telegram to Rabbi Wise. The release of this report coincided with the plans by the WJC, and other Jewish groups, to hold mass protest rallies to pressure the State Dept. to carry out a rescue. On Feb. 10, the European Division sent a cable to the American diplomats in Switzerland specifically referencing Riegner’s cable of Jan. 21,instructing the diplomats to stop transmitting any more reports from Riegner: “In the future we would suggest that you do not accept reports submitted to you to be transmitted to private persons in the United States.” It was an imposition on the State Department’s secure communications/cable network that it needed for its own use, along with the information being useless and a nuisance.

This type of hearsay and even fabricated numbers and horror stories coming from a war zone, is the extent of the ‘proof’ of a German plan and policy to exterminate Jews by the millions. It all comes down to “because we said so.” Even in 1944, the War Refugee Board Report that WJC had a big hand in, was merely testimony from three alleged escapees who were at first anonymous. Clearly, influential Zionist rabbis wrote much of what appeared as the testimony of the two young Slovakians. It is the same circular logic—statements are asserted as true because they are stated by so-called “eye-witnesses” or they are found in the WRB Report.

Stop and think

If there were any reliable evidence of a Nazi plan to exterminate Jews, we can be sure the WJC would have jumped at it and utilized it. But all they have, after 70 years, is still their own self-originated claims from anonymous sources. Hearsay (which is unacceptable in proper courtrooms) and circular reasoning (containing no evidence, which is necessary for finding someone guilty in proper courtrooms). Yet the information from these reports was offered into evidence at the Nuremberg Tribunal because of the Jewish control of that process and the heavy participation of the World Jewish Congress.

Test it out for yourself and see if you can find anything of real evidentiary value. I have completed reading Part One (365 pages) of Mattogno’s The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories and I have not found anything I consider solid except for what the Commando Reports (held by Russian Communists in secret for 50 years) contain. But how much can we believe these reports?  There is no physical, forensic evidence, except for the Soviet slaughter of Polish officers and elites known as the Katyn Massacre, and some lesser massacres against Germans. It should make one stop and think.

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SS Mann Karl Münter, 96, Attacked

Karl Münter

Karl Münter, a  96 year old   SS-Mann,  12th Panzer Division ‘Hitler Youth’ , was attacked, tied up and robbed inside his home by two unknown perpetrators posing as mailmen, German public broadcaster NDR reported Friday.

He appeared in a documentary that aired in November in which he admitted to participating in the 1944 massacre of 86 men in Ascq, France, but claimed that the victims were to blame for their own deaths.

He said: “If I arrest the men I’m responsible for them. And if they run away I have the right to shoot them.”

When asked if he had an regrets he said: “No, not at all!

In his Panorama interview, Münter also said the SS ‘did nothing criminal’ during the war. He maintained that some Ascq residents were ‘happy that we had arrived’.

It was his first interview about his time in the SS and on top his comments regarding the massacre he also disputed the fact that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

munter speaks

“And the matter of the Jews that is attributed to (Hitler)… be careful.

“There weren’t millions of Jews (in Germany) at the time, that’s already been disproved.

“This number – six million – is not correct.”

Münter was sentenced to death in absentia by France in 1949 – long after he returned home to Germany.

The verdict means nothing now after the French statute of limitations expired and EU citizens cannot be prosecuted for crimes they have already been convicted of in another country.

Münter has lived a quiet life in Lower Saxony and worked in his local post office for many years, but has appeared at  far right events after becoming an icon and a hero for German nationalist groups.

One extreme-right Nazi group even sent him an album, emblazoned with a swastika and the words: ‘We thank you for you service and commitment to your people and land. The German youth.’


The prosecutor’s office in Hildesheim launched an investigation  on suspicion of hate speech over the comments he made during the television interview with NDR’s Panorama.

The office could not be reached for comment on Friday.

Munter scrap book



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U.S. to Pay Out New Reparations for Holocaust

At President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, 81-year-old Holocaust survivor Judah Samet received a happy birthday serenade from the assembled Congress. Yet the beauty(oy vey!) of the moment was also measured by what just preceded it and what followed.


Judah Samet

Before the serenade, Trump had celebrated another American, police officer Timothy Matson, for confronting the Tree of Life Synagogue attacker last October. Matson was shot seven times and has had 12 surgeries thus far. Samet was worshiping at the synagogue that day. It was the second time that America has saved him from fanatics against his faith.

Unfortunate for American tax payers that this altruistic tendency with cost them more this year, as the State Department announced on Wednesday that additional reparation payments would be made to victims of the Holocaust as part of its claims program covering in part Jewish people who were deported by France during World War II.

“Within the next few days, all individuals whose claims were previously approved will receive a letter from the Department notifying them that they will receive an additional payment of 97 percent of their prior approved claim amount,” the State Department said. “This amount is based on the funds remaining for approved claims.”

“While no payment can provide complete justice for all who were impacted by deportation from France, we hope those affected by one of history’s darkest eras will receive some additional relief from these further payments,” the U.S. government said. “The Department’s Office of the Legal Adviser, through its International Claims and Investment Disputes Office, has administered the Holocaust Deportation Claims Program since its inception.”

The reparations program was established by the United States with France under agreements relating to the deportation of Jews by the French government during the Holocaust.

France provided $60 million to the United States to distribute to Holocaust survivors and their living families under the agreement.

Initial payments to survivors included $204,000 for those who survived their deportation, $51,000 to living surviving spouses or those deported, and a pro rata amount if the individual died after 1948.

“Payments to date on approved claims total $30,028,500,” according to the State Department. “With the additional payment of 97 percent of their prior approved claim amount, living survivors would receive in total $401,880; living surviving spouses would receive up to $100,470; and heirs of survivors and surviving spouses would receive a portion of these amounts.”


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I Know These Dictators

Lord Rothermere with Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler with George Ward Price in 1938.

George Ward Price was born in 1886. After attending the University of Cambridge he became a journalist and was eventually recruited by The Daily Mail. As the newspaper’s foreign correspondent he developed a close relationship with Adolf Hitler. According to the German historian, Hans-Adolf Jacobsen: “The famous special correspondent of the London Daily Mail, Ward Price, was welcomed to interviews in the Reich Chancellery in a more privileged way than all other foreign journalists, particularly when foreign countries had once more been brusqued by a decision of German foreign policy. His paper supported Hitler more strongly and more constantly than any other newspaper outside Germany.”

Ward Price was also a intimate associate of Oswald Mosley and a supporter of the National Union of Fascists (BUF). He was also a founding member of the January Club in 1934. The object of the group was to attract Establishment support for the BUF. Members included Robert ForganFrancis Yeats-Brown, Sir Louis GreigLord Erskine and Lord William Montagu-Douglas-Scott.

When Lord Rothermere, the owner of the The Daily Mail, took Ward Price with him when he met Adolf Hitler for the first time in December 1934. At the first meeting Hitler told Rothermere that “Lloyd George and your brother won the war for Britain. This was a reference to the Prime Minister David Lloyd Georgeand Lord Northcliffe, who it was claimed made sure that the British Army received enough munitions on the front-line during the later stages of the First World War. That evening Hitler held his first major dinner party he had given for foreign visitors at his official residence in Berlin since he had taken office. The high-level guests included Joseph GoebbelsHermann Goering and Joachim von Ribbentrop.


Lord Rothermere with Adolf Hitler

Lord Rothermere, George Ward PriceAdolf HitlerFritz WiedemannJoseph Goebbels,
with Princess Stephanie and Magda Goebbels sitting in front.

Lord Rothermere also gave full support to Oswald Mosley and the National Union of Fascists. He wrote an article, Hurrah for the Blackshirts, on 22nd January, 1934, in which he praised Mosley for his “sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine”. Rothermere added: “Timid alarmists all this week have been whimpering that the rapid growth in numbers of the British Blackshirts is preparing the way for a system of rulership by means of steel whips and concentration camps. Very few of these panic-mongers have any personal knowledge of the countries that are already under Blackshirt government. The notion that a permanent reign of terror exists there has been evolved entirely from their own morbid imaginations, fed by sensational propaganda from opponents of the party now in power. As a purely British organization, the Blackshirts will respect those principles of tolerance which are traditional in British politics. They have no prejudice either of class or race. Their recruits are drawn from all social grades and every political party. Young men may join the British Union of Fascists by writing to the Headquarters, King’s Road, Chelsea, London, S.W.”

Adolf Hitler was kept informed about what British newspapers were saying about him. He was usually very pleased by what appeared in The Daily Mail. On 20th May 1937 he wrote to Lord Rothermere: “Your leading articles published within the last few weeks, which I read with great interest, contain everything that corresponds to my own thoughts as well.” Hitler told George Ward Price: “He (Lord Rothermere) is the only Englishman who sees clearly the magnitude of this Bolshevist danger. His paper is doing an immense amount of good.” Jim Wilson has argued: “Ward Price… had the reputation of being Fleet Street’s most enthusiastic supporter of the Nazis. He was on close terms with all of the leading Nazi hierarchy. He even began affecting the use of a monocle, aping some of the senior Nazis grouped around the Führer.”

In 1937 George Ward Price published his book, I Know These Dictators. It was full of praise of Hitler: “Behind the forceful character which he displays in public he had a human, pleasant personality… He had the artistic, visionary tendencies of the South German type… and there was a strong strain of sadness and tenderness in his disposition… Hitler had… a fondness for children and dogs… His personality and prestige were so strong that without any effort on his part, he is surrounded by much awe on the part of his entourage… Hitler is a widely read man… familiar with the works of the leading German philosophers who had mastered the history, geography and social and economic conditions of the chief European countries.”

Ward Price defended Hitler’s treatment of Jews, trade unionists and socialists in Nazi Germany: “To law-abiding citizens the Nazi Government brought public order, political peace, better living-conditions, and the promise, some fulfilled, to make Germany once more a great nation… Upon the people who opposed, or looked like opposing, its plans, it laid a heavy hand… The jockey who pats his horse in the paddock may lash him in a hard finish. The rulers of Germany were stern because they believed the fate of their country was at stake. If they failed, the gates would be open wide to Bolshevism – the same bloodthirsty Bolshevism which had ravaged and liquidated in Russia, tortured and massacred in Hungary…. The tolerant attitude of the average Anglo-Saxon… toward Jews, Communists, and those deluded intellectuals indulgently termed ‘parlour-Bolshevists’ appears in Nazi eyes as stupid apathy in the presence of real danger.”

I know these dictators

READ PDF-I know these dictators

Listen to a Paul English and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock discuss this article on the radio below.


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Hoaxter Joshua Kaufman Appears As Trump’s Guest at SOTU

Joshua Kaufman in his Commie worker’s costume, and Herman Zietchik wave from the balcony of the House of Representatives chamber after being introduced by President Donald Trump.

By Carolyn Yeager

GUESS WHO WAS THE PRESIDENT’S GUEST AT THE SOTU LAST NIGHT? The lying hoaxter Joshua Kaufman who got himself in the news in 2015 and again in 2016, at which time I wrote several articles about him and did some investigative research. Find three of my articles herehere andhere. He was dressed for the occasion, seated near the First Lady and with everyone in their best attire, in the very same work-type clothes he was always wearing in 2015-16!

It’s like a kind of costume for him—the brown jacket with fake furry collar, the jeans, the white shirt and billed cap tilted a little to the side on his head. One of his three daughters was there with him, dressed in all white—possibly to be in sync with the radical socialist women legislators in the chamber.

This guy is a buffoon and a huckster, so it was very disappointing to see him being introduced by the President of the United States—a president I happen to like and support—and watch him receive the applause of the entire US governing bodies. For someone who knows the score like I do, it’s like the final shovelful of dirt proving the insanity this country is sunk in. And to see this man dressed in those exact same clothes! Refusing to remove his hat; he has never been photographed without it!

So what has Kaufman, who lives in Los Angeles, California, lied about, you will ask? Clearly, clearly he lies about his experiences during his one year (spring 1944 to spring 1945) as a concentration camp inmate. He says he was sent to Auschwitz with his family from the Debercen ghetto in Hungary, which was in existence only one month from mid-May to mid-June in 1944. Probably true. He was 16 years of age but says he was 15. He didn’t remain at Auschwitz (though he has repeatedly claimed he worked in a gas chamber there removing bodies, at age 15!!) and says he was sent to 5 different camps in that one year, ending up at Dachau, near Munich, Germany. He claims that there he had to carry around 50 lb bags of cement 12 hours a day, and even had to throw fellow prisoners into the cement mixer, which he did. All this as a starving teenager! Would you be dumb enough to believe him?

But what does the President know … he just goes along with the program. He read his speech: “A second holocaust survivor who is here tonight, Joshua Kaufman, was a prisoner at Dachau. He remembers watching through a hole in the wall of a cattle car as American soldiers rolled in with tanks. [A cattle car? Last time I heard him tell it, he was hiding in the latrine when the Americans liberated him. God’s truth.] ‘To me,’ Joshua recalls, ‘the American soldiers were proof that God exists, and they came down from the sky.’ They came down from heaven.”

Then Trump said, “Herman Zietchik was one of the Americans who helped rescue Joshua from that hell on earth. Almost 75 years later, Herman and Joshua are both together in the gallery tonight — seated side-by-side, here in the home of American freedom. Herman and Joshua, your presence this evening is very much appreciated.”

But, before he died, Daniel Gillespie was the American soldier responsible for saving Kaufman … in the 2015 History Channel production of their “reunion” acted out for TV (read my previous articles). However, Gillespie was a goy, so the choreographers of the SOTU came up with a Jewish soldier to give more credit to Jews.

FYI, Dachau was never “hell on earth” as the Jews like to call every detention camp the Germans ran. It is disgraceful that nothing a Jew says about their experience in the camps, no matter how far-fetched and in contradiction with known facts, is ever questioned. This encourages Jews to lie with abandon and makes fools of those who believe them. I noticed that the top military brass who were in attendance stood up and applauded Zietchik and Kaufman, something they did not do often during Trump’s speech.

The question I ask is who suggested that Joshua Kaufman, a “holocaust survivor,” be in attendance at the speech. Was it Jared Kushner, along with Ivanka? Did they suggest it would help with the Jewish vote? I don’t think it will help at all but it could tone down criticism that Trump doesn’t give enough attention to Jewish issues such as anti-Semitism, etc. Also, if the plan was to honor some WWII vets [I can’t think why but maybe there was a reason], then it was thought necessary to include holocaust survivors in that so as not to leave Jews feeling left out. Joshua Kaufman seems to be a favorite of the media; he was in fact a media creation beginning with the 70th anniversary of the so-called liberation of Auschwitz when the media was looking for survivor stories to run. It’s all part of the Holocaust Industry, which needs to keep churning stuff out.

It’s sad that the White House and the upper eschelons of our government are not above such demeaning kow-towing to special interests and monied interests in the name of upholding our national wartime mythologies. Very sad.

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