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Be Anti-Semitic Or Die


No surprise that the recent  annual Policy Conference organized by AIPAC included lot’s of high profile politicians making the claim that antisemitism is unAmerican, when in fact it is the most patriotic stance one can take. Founded by Christians and nature deists with the mission of creating a new sovereign in each individual European man, America depends upon those willing to depose tyrants and defend truth with the highest ideals of fairness and justice.

Though edgy animation is not usually the kind of content regular readers are used to finding on ANS, I believe the new 3 part series “ZOAR” is at the zenith of the recent creative wake up of REAL Americans and well worth the time it takes to watch. Though on the surface produced to intrigue and interest   the edgy youth gamer culture, it doubles down in the heavy esoteric , and quite clearly explains the Jewish Problem.

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