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Vindictive Jews


photo-search display of former SS members at Karlburg.

It’s not enough that every Jew who had lived in Europe during WW2 receives reparations, or that their allied henchmen destroyed German cities, killed  millions of civilians, and spent the last 75 years terrorizing the western world with their Holocaust Hoax. No, they need to hunt down every last German soldier , and Waffen SS volunteer. If they are deceased then it is fair game to go after the elderly widows. That is what is happening as the Jewish vindictive revenge lust continues force itself  on Germany and the European Union.

Jewish council president Josef Schuster told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper (NOZ) Monday that German authorities had a responsibility toward Holocaust victims to trace remaining ex-Nazi pension recipients and take “conclusive” steps.

It was an “unbearable situation,” said Schuster(((Oy Vey))), referring to a recent German government statement that more than 2,000 elderly, including deceased soldiers’s widows, still benefited from Germany’s Federal Pension Act (Bundesversorgungsgesetz).

Responding in February to a Left party question in the Bundestag parliament, the German government argued that it was difficult to identify war criminals, since pension documents did not include information on what the pensioners did or did not do during the war.

Since 1998, the act’s Article 1a proscribes intensive checks and denial of payment if the would-be beneficiary’s or widowed partner’s conduct had “violated the principles of humanity or the rule of law,” .You need to ask yourself  , who’s principles and who’s laws?

For a discussion on this story, presented by Sven Longshanks and Carolyn Yeager, turn on the radio.


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