Jews Continued Attack On Geriatrics


Helmut Oberlander, An elderly Waterloo man, who served as an interpreter for the Einsatzgruppe D   during the Second World War, has lost a two-decade-long legal battle to keep his Canadian citizenship and avoid deportation.  On April 24, the Federal Court of Appeal shut the door on his legal challenge to a cabinet order to revoke his citizenship, which would pave the way for his removal from Canada for lying about his wartime activities.

Bernie Farber, the former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress , believes he has exhausted all his legal options. “All that’s left now is his removal, likely to Germany”, Farber said. “He participated in and enabled the work of the most notorious Nazi killing unit. It took so long for justice to be carried out. He never had a right to be in this country.”

The Ukraine-born German Oberlander, now 95, has steadfastly maintained he was just 17 when he was forced to join the  Einsatzkommando. He has argued that he served as an interpreter and that there is no evidence he took part in any atrocities, but the federal government contends that because he was part of the squad, he was complicit in the crimes.

Mathieu Genest, spokesperson for Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, said “It is important that applicants be truthful and transparent when applying for Canadian Citizenship.”

Though I condemn the  vitriol, lies, and heartless retribution that the Jews embrace as they hunt down these geriatric survivors of WW2, I must point out that I am disappointed that Helmut, and so many other Waffen SS veterans , choose to live without honor. By this I mean that they thought if they obscured their participation they might be able to go on and live a “normal” life.  Though I understand why he would say he was the victim of  forced conscription, in the end it does not matter, organized Jewry will not rest until all gentiles submit to their supremacy , and of coarse any surviving veteran is an easy target, which they can continue to make an example of in there never ending media attacks on the white race.

So a word to the wise, be a Joachim Peiper, who never changed his story. Look to men like Leon Degrelle , and Rudolf Hess who where proud to have done their duty without regret.


Helmut is now just an other sad story rather than the inspiration he could have been if he had only said, ” When the Germans liberated the Ukraine we where overjoyed to have the yoke of Communism removed, and I was the first in  my village to volunteer in the fight to remove the pestilence from our midst. ‘


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  1. Individuals like Helmut were never true SS.
    You cannot betray “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” if you are a fanatic National Socialist. I think the best of the SS died in and at the end of the war, when many fought even after days the war was lost or killed themselves. They knew the world was done for so they remained loyal to the Führer even in death – the man who made them.

    Peiper was a great fighter though and there were others like him who survived, but not many. Personally, I would have never been capable to live after the Reich was in ruins. What was there left for a German? Interest slavery for all eternity.


  2. This is a very good point you make. There where many SS volunteers who , whom like Helmet, joined in “The heat of the moment” , so to speak, and though happy to be liberated did not have the core values which would have been vetted during the training available pre-war. An other factor is though Helmut was an ethnic German, he grew up in Soviet occupied Ukraine, so would not have witnessed the transformation of Germany during the Third Reich.


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