‘Hitler or Höcke?’

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Björn Höcke, whom German intelligence services  have labeled an extremist, has beat German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union in a regional election in Thuringia Germany, with 23.4% of the vote, up from 12.8%  five years ago . “There is nothing wrong with expressing our democratic opinion. We want Germany to remain German,” he tells his supporters, to ecstatic cheers after the results where made final.

“The press has an important role in a democracy,” he says. “Unfortunately our German media does not perform it. They prefer to produce propaganda for the establishment.”

The party seized on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to welcome over a million migrants to Germany in 2015. Two years later, the AfD became the first far-right party to enter Parliament since World War II. By now, it sits in every state legislature in the country.

Björn Höcke was a  secondary-school history teacher, and now the 47-year-old is a senior figure in the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Though Mr Höcke is only a regional politician, yet nobody in current German politics has  a personality to rival his. Last month a public television network pulled a stunt in which they aimed to fan the flames of guilt and fear by comparing him to Hitler.

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During the interview, he was shown footage of AfD parliamentarians in Berlin being read quotes from Mr Höcke’s recent political memoir and asked if they were from him – or Adolf Hitler’s  Mein Kampf.

All were unsure and one said: “If I’d to guess, then more from Mein Kampf, I’d say, not from Mr Höcke.”

Watching his party colleagues struggle to separate his language from the Adolf Hitler’s, Mr Höcke became angered at the lack of decency and fairness, and said, “These are all coincidences. Language cannot be linked to one particular time. All terms existed beforehand and after,” he said. “I don’t think there is one singular definition of what Nazi-era language is.” And further went on to say, ” “That says above all that most people have not read my book at all.”

His detractors  pointed out that in  Mein Kampf, Hitler warns of “hebräische Volksverderber” – a term meaning “Hebrew ruiners of the people”; in 2016 Mr Höcke used  “Volksverderber” to attack the then foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel.  Without hebräische(Hebrew people), Volksverderber simply means corrupters of the people.

The interviewer continued to ask Höcke about other  terms he used – such as “degenerate”–  claiming it was also well-known in Nazi vocabulary.

Recovering from his visible outrage as the camera rolled, he suggested Germany had a “tendency . . . to narrow the opinion corridor and that is not good for our country”.

A majority of Germans were afraid to discuss certain topics for fear of blowback from the “political correctness police”, he suggested, indicating that “something is rotten in our democracy”.

Eventually his press spokesman could be heard off camera demanding the interview be restarted, but the interviewer refused, and  Mr Höcke said he might live to regret this decision, and that  it was clear that “there would be no more interviews with me for you,” said Höcke

Asked if this was a threat, the AfD politician said: “We don’t know what’s coming and I may become an interesting . . . political person in this country.”

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Höcke was last a target of  the media when in 2017 he described Berlin’s Holocaust memorial as a “monument of shame in the heart of the capital” .

“We need nothing less than a 180-degree shift in the politics of remembrance,” he added during that speech in Dresden.

Mr Höcke has set up his own faction within the AfD called Der Flügel, or The Wing. At its annual meeting he hands out silver badges to loyal followers. At this year’s gathering a supporter welcomed him on stage by saying: “You are our leader, who we are happy to follow”. The German word he used was Anführer.

Click image below to read my previously published story on an attempt to bully  Mr Höcke with Holocaust memorial in his back yard.


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Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail


Today I have received a letter from the brave campaigner from Truth in History, Ursula Haverbeck. Ursula expresses her astonishment and thanks for the amazing number of letters and cards of support that she receives from Britain and from France, and indeed from the whole world. In her letter to me Ursula H. singles out her specific thanks to Michele R. and to Peter R.

Let me repeat here, that letters and cards of support are a God-send to every brave and honourable patriot locked up in a narrow prison cell mixed in together with anti-social types and criminals, and isolated from the world and friendly faces – that’s prison, and in this nightmare “modern” world many of the prisoners will be Third-world criminals with Third-world personal habits.

All the more reason to send a friendly, cheerful card or letter, (which does not have to bear the address of the sender) to our brave Ursula:

Frau Ursula Haverbeck, JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede, Umlostrasse 100, D-33649, Germany.

Note on a related matter: The Jewish community in Bielefeld has raised its objections to a parade through the town, which friends and supporters of our Ursula have planed for next month, to commemorate her 91st birthday, that the astoundingly vigorous Ursula Haverbeck will “celebrate” in the Bielefeld prison (JVA).

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Violins Of Hate


The world of violins is rife with chicanery, and deceit that is built upon the opinions of experts, who are also the dealers, so it is quite suiting that it joins the Holocaust industry for their most recent attempt to keep the hoax alive with “Violins of Hope”  , a show featuring violins that survived the Holocaust, oy vey.

The circus tent goes up at  Frazier History Museum in Louisville from October 17-27.  Andy Treinen, vice president of the museum hosting the event wants you to believe, “They were played because the Nazis mandated that they be played. Jewish people could not pray, they could not sing, and it became a background to the march to the death.”

One unnamed survivor of Auschwitz was a member of the men’s orchestra at the concentration camp. He would be forced to play his violin by camp officials, sometimes to serve as a backdrop for brutal executions. Wait hold it right there, enough already. This  makes no sense,   unless you are talking a fiction like “Shindler’s List”.


Above Gabriel Lefkowitz performs a solo from Shindler’s List on a violin which was used in performances at Auschwitz,  which he said “so beautifully captures the essence of the Jewish spirit.”  I would have to agree with that, Hollywood fiction. The musician isn’t the first in his lineage to be tasked with remembering the past. His father, a violinist with the Boston Symphony, has performed music that was written in concentration camps during the Holocaust. They so want us to believe the script. That in the face of daily horror beyond compare , the Jew found  time to compose. They are so chosen, so talented, so super human.

“It’s a really important time to be embarking on an adventure like this”, Lefkowitz said “simply because we’re at a point now where many people with first-hand experience of the Holocaust are no longer living. The chance to interact with these proofs and examples of history is really special. Proofs?

That unknown Auschwitz survivor, mentioned above, eventually sold his violin to a man named Abraham Davidowitz for $50. Davidowitz passed it down to his son, who eventually donated it to the Violins of Hope, a collection of more than 50 restored instruments that were played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. That is proof, right?

Treinen says “what makes museums so important is their role in exposing the wrongs of the history. The fact that the Violins of Hope exhibit is so significant in that mission motivated Frazier to show it for free, something the museum does not usually do. ”  Though it actually exposes nothing, you are expected to take their word for it, or be labeled antisemitic . So again this story  only exposes more proof  of mental manipulation.

There are many stories from work camp inmates describing the activities they where allowed to peruse in their free time, and it seems orchestra and theater where some of there   favorites, but swimming and football was available for those not interested as much in performance.

“It was turned, and it became a powerful way for Jewish people to say that they aren’t going to be defined by anyone else, and these instruments are going to endure, and these stories of six million people are going to endure through the music,” Treinen said of the collection.

The only thing that has turned is an other page of Jewish hate,  and as soon as gentiles of the world stop seeing them as victims of evil beyond compare, they will start to see them as they really are.




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Estonia and Latvia Double Down With Public Praise Of The Waffen SS

Latvian Monument

Latvian Defense Minister, Artis Pabriks, said veterans, his compatriots who fought in the Waffen-SS, were “heroes” and memories of their sacrifice must be cherished. “It is our duty to honor these Latvian patriots from all the depths of our souls,”

He then called the Latvian legionnaires freedom fighters for their anti-Soviet alignment – “heroes” and “the pride of the Latvian nation and state.”

“Standing next to our legionnaires’ graves and memorials, we are all overwhelmed with power and confidence that our country has a future, that we are on the right path,” the minister proclaimed.

Mores kaujas piemi?as pas?kums

The legionnaires comprised two grenadier divisions within the Waffen-SS that fought alongside regular troops during the war and became famous for their bravery. Germans began recruiting and drafting Latvians to fight against the Soviets shortly after invading and occupying Latvia in 1941, which was part of the USSR at the time. The Latvian soldiers were trained and led by German officers. When joining the legion, each soldier pledged personal loyalty to Adolf Hitler.

Former legionnaires and their supporters stage annual marches in downtown Riga. Their cause is supported by many local right-wing politicians, historians, writers and media figures.


Estonia also plans to bring back a monument to their Waffen SS soldiers. The stela with a bronze bas-relief depicts an Estonian Volunteer, and a tablet reading: “To Estonian men who fought in 1940-1945 against Bolshevism and for the restoration of Estonian independence.” It caused a lot of controversy after being erected at the cemetery in the town of Lihula in August 2004. However, this June, a local MP Henn Polluaas for the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) in the Laaneranna Parish Council suggested that it was high time to restore the SS monument. “It’s a very good undertaking because it’s a memorial to Estonian men,”

Estonian Monument

Estonian Vets

Estonian Vet2


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Despicable Jerry Klinger Chases Dead German Soldiers

Jerry Klinger

Jerry Klinger is a despicable peddler of hate. He is one of those Jews who has made it his life’s mission to tell grizzly fairy tales of the Holocaust Hoax and dehumanizing tales of Germans. Most recently he has started to raise shekels in order to have the grave of Paul Eilert removed from a U.S. military cemetery at  Ft. Douglas, Utah. Paul Eilert died  of cancer in 1944 while a POW. The controversy this twisted man is trying to stir up, with some friends of his,  is over the headstone which has a Knights Cross carved into it, which of coarse includes a small swastika at it’s center.


In his article he tries to build a case that there is some great mystery here. First he says that this carving represents the Knights Cross with oak Leaves , so ” “Eilert must have been involved in some deep Shit…”, he claims. “A professor noted under the Swastika on his memorial, the date of 1939.  He said that correlated with the beginning of the Holocaust.” He is really reaching here , and he must know it, for this year is on all KC medals awarded, due to that being the year it was established.

I will now point out that those are not Oak leaves on the headstone, and records do not even show that Eilert received a KC, and it is most likely that his Kameraden  asked for it to be carved when they purchased the headstone for reason unknown, but clearly they respected him.

Creepy Klinger goes on to say “The strange thing about Eilert’s funerary arrangements was that his fellow POWs pooled their money to buy him a large funerary stone carved with the K.C. and Oak Leaves.  They honored him above all others, but for what….?”, jeeeez I don’t know, maybe they admired the man?

To close his article we hear the not so convincing terror that is required to mobilize the congregation of Holocaust worshipers, ” I shared with my Jewish professor friend our mutual disgust with the symbol of hate honored in U.S. soil. Learning about him made me shiver with blood that ran colder than cold. I warned my professor friend, before he goes off and files his threatened lawsuit to have the Swastika removed, he needs to search much more.” Yes indeed, search some more and find that pile of shoes and blurry picture of a man that could be Eilert with the Doctor of Death himself.

I would like to thank Ellie Wolfe at https://fascistbostonian.com/ for sharing  Klinger’s story in her news feed.

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Click image for a video of some of the survivors’ retelling of this buried history.

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