Despicable Jerry Klinger Chases Dead German Soldiers

Jerry Klinger

Jerry Klinger is a despicable peddler of hate. He is one of those Jews who has made it his life’s mission to tell grizzly fairy tales of the Holocaust Hoax and dehumanizing tales of Germans. Most recently he has started to raise shekels in order to have the grave of Paul Eilert removed from a U.S. military cemetery at  Ft. Douglas, Utah. Paul Eilert died  of cancer in 1944 while a POW. The controversy this twisted man is trying to stir up, with some friends of his,  is over the headstone which has a Knights Cross carved into it, which of coarse includes a small swastika at it’s center.


In his article he tries to build a case that there is some great mystery here. First he says that this carving represents the Knights Cross with oak Leaves , so ” “Eilert must have been involved in some deep Shit…”, he claims. “A professor noted under the Swastika on his memorial, the date of 1939.  He said that correlated with the beginning of the Holocaust.” He is really reaching here , and he must know it, for this year is on all KC medals awarded, due to that being the year it was established.

I will now point out that those are not Oak leaves on the headstone, and records do not even show that Eilert received a KC, and it is most likely that his Kameraden  asked for it to be carved when they purchased the headstone for reason unknown, but clearly they respected him.

Creepy Klinger goes on to say “The strange thing about Eilert’s funerary arrangements was that his fellow POWs pooled their money to buy him a large funerary stone carved with the K.C. and Oak Leaves.  They honored him above all others, but for what….?”, jeeeez I don’t know, maybe they admired the man?

To close his article we hear the not so convincing terror that is required to mobilize the congregation of Holocaust worshipers, ” I shared with my Jewish professor friend our mutual disgust with the symbol of hate honored in U.S. soil. Learning about him made me shiver with blood that ran colder than cold. I warned my professor friend, before he goes off and files his threatened lawsuit to have the Swastika removed, he needs to search much more.” Yes indeed, search some more and find that pile of shoes and blurry picture of a man that could be Eilert with the Doctor of Death himself.

I would like to thank Ellie Wolfe at for sharing  Klinger’s story in her news feed.

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