Violins Of Hate


The world of violins is rife with chicanery, and deceit that is built upon the opinions of experts, who are also the dealers, so it is quite suiting that it joins the Holocaust industry for their most recent attempt to keep the hoax alive with “Violins of Hope”  , a show featuring violins that survived the Holocaust, oy vey.

The circus tent goes up at  Frazier History Museum in Louisville from October 17-27.  Andy Treinen, vice president of the museum hosting the event wants you to believe, “They were played because the Nazis mandated that they be played. Jewish people could not pray, they could not sing, and it became a background to the march to the death.”

One unnamed survivor of Auschwitz was a member of the men’s orchestra at the concentration camp. He would be forced to play his violin by camp officials, sometimes to serve as a backdrop for brutal executions. Wait hold it right there, enough already. This  makes no sense,   unless you are talking a fiction like “Shindler’s List”.


Above Gabriel Lefkowitz performs a solo from Shindler’s List on a violin which was used in performances at Auschwitz,  which he said “so beautifully captures the essence of the Jewish spirit.”  I would have to agree with that, Hollywood fiction. The musician isn’t the first in his lineage to be tasked with remembering the past. His father, a violinist with the Boston Symphony, has performed music that was written in concentration camps during the Holocaust. They so want us to believe the script. That in the face of daily horror beyond compare , the Jew found  time to compose. They are so chosen, so talented, so super human.

“It’s a really important time to be embarking on an adventure like this”, Lefkowitz said “simply because we’re at a point now where many people with first-hand experience of the Holocaust are no longer living. The chance to interact with these proofs and examples of history is really special. Proofs?

That unknown Auschwitz survivor, mentioned above, eventually sold his violin to a man named Abraham Davidowitz for $50. Davidowitz passed it down to his son, who eventually donated it to the Violins of Hope, a collection of more than 50 restored instruments that were played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. That is proof, right?

Treinen says “what makes museums so important is their role in exposing the wrongs of the history. The fact that the Violins of Hope exhibit is so significant in that mission motivated Frazier to show it for free, something the museum does not usually do. ”  Though it actually exposes nothing, you are expected to take their word for it, or be labeled antisemitic . So again this story  only exposes more proof  of mental manipulation.

There are many stories from work camp inmates describing the activities they where allowed to peruse in their free time, and it seems orchestra and theater where some of there   favorites, but swimming and football was available for those not interested as much in performance.

“It was turned, and it became a powerful way for Jewish people to say that they aren’t going to be defined by anyone else, and these instruments are going to endure, and these stories of six million people are going to endure through the music,” Treinen said of the collection.

The only thing that has turned is an other page of Jewish hate,  and as soon as gentiles of the world stop seeing them as victims of evil beyond compare, they will start to see them as they really are.




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