The Devil Next Door, Or A Farewell To Justice


In a recent Guardian article about Netflix’s new crime series, titled, “The Devil Next Door”, about John Demjanjuk,  who was prosecuted in Israel and Germany for Holocaust crimes, the author author Lucy Mangan starts by commenting on this photo of Mr. Demjanjuk, where she says, “If only there were indeed some art to find the mind’s construction in the face. What a different world that would be. Instead, we live in this one and its horrors may live anywhere.

What a way to start of a piece which argues that both their article , as well as Netflix’s series is somehow far and balanced. You see this story is bringing bought back to the front page because there where many who defended  his claim to being wrongly accused, most notably Jim Traficant , who was later assassinated by a mysterious tractor accident.  Those whom want us all subjugated use these narratives not only to sure up the HoloHoax  , but to further penetrate into the super-ego, so to remake what has been called justice in the western world. There is a heavy handed attempt to strip us of all our God given rights, and the first and most important step is to convince people that they have a moral obligation to fight EVIL where ever it is found and by any means necessary.  The foundational concepts of justice, nor logic, or reason have no place in this witch hunt which threats everyone of us.

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Read the true story in link link below.

Jim Traficant going to bat for an Ohio workman accused of being a Nazi camp guard

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