Backbone In Bad Bibra

nazi beer

Once again we see brave Germans in the east of the country, as Police there have launched an investigation after a beer labeled with Nazi-era German Reich symbols was sold at a drinks retailer in the small town of Bad Bibra, in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Despite the investigation, authorities in the neighboring state of Thuringia, where the beer originates, tweeted that neither the “Reich eagle” nor the Iron Cross symbol featured on the label was among the “anti-constitutional” symbols banned in Germany.

The “Deutsches Reichsbräu” (“German Reich Brew”) brand belongs to former politician Tommy Frenck, who launched the beer earlier this year, selling it along with a variety of other right-wing extremist merchandise at his online shop. Though his shops IP is blocked for me, I was able to find his Facebook page.

Let him know you would love to drink his beer.

Frenck also owns a bar in the town of Kloster Vessra, Thuringia. In 2014, he stood in the Thuringia state election as a candidate for the  National Democratic Party (NPD).

The beer was spotted on Thursday by local conservative politician Götz Ulrich, who posted pictures on his Facebook page . “The beer did good business and is sold out!” Ulrich added.

There was even some dubious symbolism in the price the beer : a case of Deutsches Reichsbräu was being sold for €18.88 , numbers that let us know the ‘Great One’ never dies.

nazi beer 2

Ulrich told the Tagesspiegel newspaper he bought one of the last bottles to bring to a commemorative event at a concentration camp on Saturday, Oy Vey!!

nazi beer 3


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