“The Poisonous Mushroom”


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Oswald Mosley-100 Questions


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Writings Of Leon Degrelle



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My Part In Germany’s Fight


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The Programme of the NSDAP


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Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans

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Source: Dokumente zur Austreibung der Sudetendeutschen Überlebende kommen zu Wort. (pdf)


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In Romania, Codreanu’s Legion was overtly and explicitly Christian, and its opposition to Jewish dominance had a religious basis, the antithesis between Christianity and Judaism that is expressed in some parts of the “New Testament” and was elaborated by many Fathers of the Church before the fall of the Roman Empire. One consequence of the disastrous WW2 victory of the Jews’ subjects in Britain, France, the United States, and other lands was the occupation of Romania by the Soviets, to whom the Jews’ stooges delivered a hegemony over the greater part of Europe. By some cautious preliminaries and subterfuges, the Jews, riding on the shoulders of their Slavic lackeys, returned to power in Romania and proceeded to take vengeance on their opponents. One example of their revenge on the survivors of Codreanu’s Legion was the experiment in the alteration of human intelligence and behavior that was described by D. Bacu in a book of which an excellent English translation, The Anti-Humans.

But the book is much more than a record of the horrible crimes committed against the Romanian people during this time. It is a warning; it is a voice from beyond the grave, from the living dead behind the Iron Curtain. The book was smuggled out of through the Iron Curtain and translated from Romanian into English. The readers will have at their disposal a complete account of the dehumanization through imprisonment and torture of many of Romania’s citizens by the communist regime. The people selected by the authorities for dehumanization were part of a cleverly defined group, university students. This was because in Romania, university students were considered a highly respected elite, including youth who combined vigor with unsurpassed patriotism and a lucid rigor, both intellectually and spiritually. In a time were the communism once again are growing stronger, not least among younger people, which do not know much about the Cold War, and even less regarding the tragedies that took place behind the Iron Curtain, the publishing of The Anti-Humans is filling an important function.

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Kai Murros-Revolution


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Nordic Resistance Movement Manifesto


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Doctrine Of Fascism



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