Ursula Haverbeck-Given Six-Month Jail Sentence


By Carolyn Yeager

OCTOBER 16, 2017, 88-YEAR OLD URSULA HAVERBECK was once again dragged into court, convicted and sentenced to 6-months in prison for the ridiculous “crime” of saying there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. This makes her a “holocaust denier.” (See my latest article here) This particular crime took place during an event in Berlin on January 30, 2016.

Haverbeck has in the past called the Holocaust “the biggest and most sustained lie in history.”

She has also filed charges against Germany’s Central Council of Jews for “prosecuting innocent people.”

She is correct, of course, but even so such statements are not allowed in her country where “truth is no defense.” In Germany, denying or trivializing the “Holocaust” is a criminal offense.

Explanation of how such a ridiculous law came about

The reason this historical debate cannot go on in Germany is because when the Federal Republic of Germany was established after WWII by permission of the ruling Allied Control Council, it SPECIFIED the full acceptance of the Nuremberg Tribunals as the basis for the rule of law in the new Republic. Got it? The Allied war narrative was forced on the defeated Germans as the condition for their forming their “own” nation once again. This condition has never been lifted, and a real constitution freely chosen by the German people has never been allowed (unlike in Japan).

Can you understand by this why the invasion of Germany by foreigners – first Muslim Turks, and now Muslims from the Middle East and Africa – has been the goal of the political heirs of the Communists, Jews, Church leaders and other enemies of that era?

Therefore, a student of history, especially one as attractive and appealing as Ursula Haverbeck, cannot be allowed to question the ‘holy holocost’ that was erected to prevent Germans from ever gaining the upper hand in their own land again.

Ursula fights for Truth and Justice for Germans

Of course she is right that the truth stands against the ‘holocost’ and other anti-German atrocity narratives, and this can be and has been proven. If you are a truth-abiding person, you cannot say otherwise. However, if you are a law-abiding person, you must accept the narrative or at least not publically deny it. A conundrum for Germans.

That’s the answer to those who fault the German legal system for trying to put an 88-year-old, sweet looking woman in prison. Inhuman, they cry. Well, let’s remember that German prisons are not inhumane places. You do not “rot” in a German prison. The complaint should be against the upholding and enforcement of false history by the state.

That is what Haverbeck is speaking up against; that is what she cares about. Let us care about that too and not get carried away with crying about an ‘old grandma’ being thrown in prison to rot. It won’t do any good. I have noticed a number of uninformed people on the Internet saying that Ursula is already “rotting in prison.” No, she has until now been free while appealing her sentences. Rather, forward any news about her to all your contacts to keep them up to date.

Ursula Haverbeck is still appealing the two guilty verdicts handed down by a Detmold court in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for a letter she sent to Detmold’s mayor and the media. She returns to the Detmold court a final time on November 23rd this year when she could be given a prison date. At her previous court appearance earler this year, she handed out a pamphlet “Only the truth will set you free” to journalists, and even to the judge and prosecutor! Brave and determined lady. We will continue following her adventures as best we can and when/if she actually goes to prison, we’ll let you know.

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Battle To Save Kurhaus Hanslbauer Hotel


At the break of dawn on June 30, 1934, Adolf Hitler and a convoy of powerful black limousines drove through the sleepy Bavarian spa town of Bad Wiessee.

By nightfall the fledgling Reich of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP would be stabilised , thanks to the beginning of a nationwide purge of Ernst Röhm and those loyal to him.

And it all started here, at the Kurhaus Hanslbauer hotel on the shores of Lake Tegern, where the Hitler arrived promptly at 6am for the crackdown now known as the Night of the Long Knives.

Now, Mr Lederer, who had to sell the hotel in 2006 but still lives in the building, is petitioning to save the hotel.
During World War II, the hotel was a sanctuary for evacuated German city children as Allied bomber fleets pounded their cities and towns and later morphed into a hospital for injured Luftwaffe personnel.

After the defeat in 1945 it was used as a rest camp for the Americans and British before being returned to the Lederer family in 1951.

Room seven was virtually forgotten about in the good times. ‘We had many Jewish guests,’ said Josef. ‘The room where Röhm was arrested was never a selling point.

‘But I heard many stories about it from my father, and if anyone asked, I was happy to tell them about it.

‘The room as it is now is pretty much as it was then, except it didn’t have a bathroom. Hitler came in the same front door, walked up the same steps and looked out at the same view as his captive.’


Mr Lederer, who is battling skin cancer, was forced to sell the business in 2006.

He tried to convince the new owners, a pharmaceutical company with major property interests, to invest the estimated £1.2 million he thought would restore the Lederer to its former glory, but they did not bite on the salvation plan.

The hotel remained open until 2013 when it was re-sold on to a property company which, like the original buyer, has no interest in renovation. It shut the place down for good.

Its plan is to totally destroy the building and instead build a new a new modern hotel on the site.

Which means that Josef, who lives with a housekeeper in a room beneath the attic, will finally have to vacate the only home he has ever known.

He has written to Bavaria’s Monument Protection Office demanding preservation status, but it has been refused due to the extensive renovations carried out over the years.

But he fights on. New letters to the monuments office, to politicians, to historians – and even to ornithologists.

Bats, it appears, are the latest – and perhaps the last- chance to preserve the Röhm room and the building in which it stands. The bulldozers which were due to move in in October have already been stopped due to a nesting colony of dwarf bats in the roof.

‘It means a reprieve but not a pardon,’ said Mr Lederer.

‘Nothing will probably happen this side of Christmas. But in the long run….? Who knows. I just wish my country had more respect for the past.”

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The German National Socialist term “Herrenvolk” has always been mistranslated as “Master Race”. Nobody, neither German or Englishman has ever translated this word correctly, it has been stated by a couple of lonely individuals that the translation is incorrect….Obviously it cannot be translated as “Master Race” because the literal translation of Master Race would be “Meister Rasse”, which is a completely different meaning to Herrenvolk. So completely obvious is this but it has always eluded the comprehension of humanity who has endevoured to make so much hullabaloo about this word but such a hullabaloo of hubris works efficiently when 99.80% of humanity is hubris.

The aim of German National Socialism was as Hitler stated in Mein Kampf to “transform our ideal vision of the People’s State into a reality”….National Socialism was an ideal that Hitler attempted to transform into a reality. Now to the etymology: The word “Sir” in…

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Wehrmacht & Waffen-SS Troops Welcomed in the Soviet Union


The welcome was especially warm in the Baltic countries, western Belarus and western Ukraine. As this four-minute video (no narration) shows, grateful people express appreciation for the troops who brought freedom from harsh Soviet rule, and restored ancient rights. German soldiers, as well as troops of German-allied nations, often helped local people repair homes and buildings, fix damaged infrastructure, and re-open churches that the Bolsheviks had shut down or destroyed.

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Alfred Bernert – Blood and Soil

Alfred Bernert (1893–1991), son of a German farmer, was born is Dönis, which is nowadays the city of Hrádek nad Nisou in the Czech Republic. Bernert served in World War I where he was severely wounded and lost his right leg. In 1918, after his marriage, he moved to Bad Oppelsdorf (now Poland). He received a study grant from the state which enabled him to study at the Technischen Hochschule in Prague and at the Karls University in Prague. Bernert painted portraits and landscapes, but became later also known for his Blud und Boden (Blood and Soil) depictions. Some of these -including ‘Mother and Child’ and ‘Harmony’, both created in 1933- are still very popular on the internet in 2017.

At the end of the Second World War, in June 1945, Bernert and his family fled across the border to the city of Herrnhut in Germany. His first commissioned work was a portrait of the Sovjet Stadtkommandant of the city of Herrnhut. For the next 46 years, until his death, Bernert continued painting portraits and landscapes. In 1966 he created the large size ‘Krieg und Frieden’ (‘War and Peace’), which hung for many years in the hospital of Herrnhut. In 1974 Bernert was commissioned by the Czech economist Dr. Karl Janovsky to create a portrait of Hendrik Verwoerd, the former Prime Minster of South Africa who was assassinated in 1966. Janovsky, a great admirer of Verwoerd (the architect of the Apartheid regime in South Africa) gave this portrait to Verwoerd’s widow.

Alfred Bernert died in 1991 in the city of Herrnhut.


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A Blank Check & Forked Tongues: How Britain & Poland Started WWII & Blamed Hitler & Germans For Eternity!

German-Polish relationships had become strained by the increasing harshness with which the Polish authorities handled the German minority.

Source: A Blank Check & Forked Tongues: How Britain & Poland Started WWII & Blamed Hitler & Germans For Eternity!

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The SS-Postschutz (Postal Guard)

post ss

"Neues Europa"

Published in „Siegrunen“ Magazine – Vol. 7, No. 5, Number 42,
January – March 1987

The SS-Postschutz was a formation of distinctly confused character, part of and yet separate from the Allgemeine and Waffen-SS. Its indistinct status can be blamed to a large extent on bureaucratic and political infighting and the strong wills of Dr. Ing. Ohnesorge, the Minister of Posts and SS-Ogruf. Gottlob Berger, head of the SS Main Personnel Office.

In 1933, the new National-Socialist German government appointed Dr. Ohnesorge as Minister of Posts (Reichspost­minister). Ohnesorge had served as a communications advisor to Gen. Ludendorff in WWI, and was quite an inventor and innovator, holding no fewer than 42 patents for devices of his own creation. One of his first acts upon assuming office was the creation of a voluntary „Postschutzes“ (Postal Guard), to guarantee the security of the mail along with telegram, telephone and radio communications…

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The Code of Honour of the SS – Regarding the Behaviour of the Soldier Towards Foreign Women

"Neues Europa"

You are an SS Man. That means you are not a mercenary who is recruited to fight for something simply for a salary, even if it’s of no other concern to you. As an SS Man, you represent your own people, your own blood. Aside from that, you also represent the SS, a community, an order within your people, whose special tasks are the keeping pure of the blood, the elevation of the worth of the race. When you stand in a foreign land, with a weapon in your hand, you thus have a double duty: you must represent your people and you must be worthy of the SS.

However, you behave unworthy when you – wearing the uniform of the Führer with the badges of the Waffen SS – run around in taverns and restaurants with those girls and women who do not share the pain and concern…

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Today’s Gallery

General Keitelin conversation with Hitler in April, 1938

Our patron saint Pieper



1st SS Divison Leibstandarte



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‘Right To Be Proud’

Alternative for Germany (AFD) co-founder Alexander Gauland says his compatriots should be proud of what their soldiers achieved during both World Wars, and the country should stop apologizing for its Nazi past.

The 76-year-old politician made the remarks during a speech to party members in Thuringia on September 2.

“If the French are rightly proud of their emperor and the Britons of Nelson and Churchill, we have the right to be proud of the achievements of the German soldiers in two world wars,” said Gauland.
The AfD is no stranger to controversy. In January senior party leader Bjoern Hoecke criticized the well-known Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, branding it a “monument of the shame in the heart of the capital.”

The AfD won 13% of the vote and came a stunning third place behind the main center-right and center-left parties in the recent election.
It polled particularly strongly in the former East Germany, which includes Berlin, attracting 21.5% of the vote, according to exit polling conducted by Infratest Dimap. In the West, it scored about 11%, the projections said. The results put the AfD on course to become the second largest party in the east, after the CDU.

Talks about the seating plan for the new German parliament have ended in deadlock with only one matter agreed. All parties want the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) should sit on the far right of the chamber, which ironically, that sparked concerns about their proximity to the government benches.

“We could live with that. That is similar to the regional parliaments. We will be sitting next to the government bench, that’s very nice,” Bernd Baumann, from the AfD’s parliamentary executive board, said.

The AfD passed the five percent threshold for the first time to secure themselves almost 100 seats in the Bundestag in Berlin.

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