“Hail Our Führer on his 130th Birthday”






Adolf Hitler with guests at his birthday party at his residence, the Berghof, on April 20, 1943. On the far left is Eva Braun.


well-wishers celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler outside the Reich Chancellery – Berlin, 20th April 1938

AH_cafe youth meeting


On April 20 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria, our Savior is born!
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wake Up

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The Struggle to Thrive Versus Jewish Degeneracy


The Jews are a race of exploiters: middle-men, merchants, lawyers, usurers, petty bureaucrats, and of course rabbinical religious con-men. As befits a parasitic people, they excel in any of the parasitic professions, and particularly those that profit from the  impoverishment, and degeneracy of others. Puerile entertainment, the pseudo-education that has replaced true academic learning, pharmaceuticals that treat but don’t cure, advocacy and “social services” supporting non-White immigration, gambling, booze, debt-slavery, pornography, prostitution: Jews are heavily represented in each of these fields, if they aren’t in positions of outright dominance over them. From these Jewish-controlled positions of degeneration , tainted Kosher morality spreads like an infecting fungus through our societies, tenaciously taking root and leaching out our vitality, while allowing corruption and perversions to proliferate with increasing ease. Absent a morality that uplifts the race and inspires it toward improvement, the foundations of the nation become compromised, buckle, then collapse.

One indication of a Jewish corruption of morality can be found in the example provided by the manifold JUDEO-Christian organizations. There is an unquestioning acceptance of undeserved guilt, followed quickly by ersatz absolution if only we flood our homelands with ungrateful, grasping hybrid races from the Central American sewer or Africans from the Continent of Nightmares. The cuckolded JUDEO-Christian conception of morality involves a flock of human sheep bleating their approval when an unrepentant pederast advocates for the invasion of White countries with sullen, violent, and wholly incompatible genetic aliens from the very worst corners of the earth. We are told that these moronic and hostile races are coming here for a better life; we are carefully not told that their better life will be at the expense of our safety, prosperity, and eventually our very future. This abhorrent situation is only possible because an ethic of laziness has prevailed; an ethic promoted at every possible opportunity by the Jews. Loving and honoring our White heritage and our race means we must defend them against all other heritages and races, both intellectually and on our soil. This is hard, dangerous work that often entails personal sacrifice – and it is work that is impossible if a morality of surrender and  egalitarianism pervade the racial community.

A second common manifestation of a morality debased by malignant Jewish influence is a conception of “freedom” reduced to nothing more than a shallow, nihilistic notion, encompassing a complete lack of responsibility, a society permeated with unnatural perversions that are celebrated instead of reviled, and shortsightedly chasing after instant gratification. This is not truly freedom, but instead it is a reckless abdication of the duty to participate in the necessary struggle to ensure the continued existence of our prosperity and the perpetuation of our unique and extraordinarily valuable racial inheritance.

It is no coincidence that the Jews, conniving to profit from the destruction of White nations, so consistently promote these degrading and ultimately fatal moralities from every avenue of influence they control. The Talmudic  toxins crippling our morality robs us of the drive and discipline that are necessary if we are to strive for the improvement of ourselves and our posterity. Instead of inuring ourselves to hardship, foregoing comfort in service of higher accomplishments, and taking pride in overcoming problems whether they be formidable or mundane instead of shying away from them; the saturation of our morality with Jewish poison has left us cowardly and emasculated at a time when we are confronted with a struggle against our implacable racial enemies for our very survival. We must stand against the Jewish nation-wreckers who wish to see our race irretrievably mongrelized with the vast hordes of brown-skinned simpletons; and to do so requires that we find a collective sense of indissoluble racial courage and pride that can only arise from purging the Jewish pathogens from our morality. Start by turning off your Talmudvision and instead use that time to hone yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. As you do, whether you actively engage against the Jewish menace to our race or not, you will become an example to the other members of our race – and inspire others to reject the repugnant, crippling Jewish morality that is insidiously destroying our homelands and our race. We must restore our racial morality, regain a widespread racial confidence and pride, and stop the Jewish-orchestrated White genocide.


The following is from The Struggle As Life Law, originally published in 1944 by the National Socialist Leadership Staff of the High Command of the Armed Forces, translated by Third Reich Books, 2008:

The voice of the blood, the racial substance, the history of our folk, the rule of nature reveal to us: All life is struggle – Struggle is the father of all things. Whoever does not affirm this law of nature, surrenders himself.

We encounter struggle everywhere in life and in nature. The young and strong acquire space for itself through it. The stronger defeats the weaker, the higher developed rules the primitive. The inferior is ruthlessly expelled. The victor must always be prepared for new struggle. Whoever wants to survive this struggle, must adapt to its laws: what does not possess the capacity for that, must perish. So struggle leads to a natural order.

Every life community has emerged through struggle. In nature, the forest provides the best example. With its plants, trees and animals, it is a natural life community. Nonetheless, the forest as a whole is dependent on the life struggle of its individual members. It would have to perish, if these members no longer survive their own struggle. Struggle produces a continuous selection. From the example of the animal kingdom, we see that the less capable portion is, by instinct or by force, prevented from procreation. Whoever has proven itself vibrant, again and again seeks community with the healthy and strong partner. Man only selects the strong in nature for his symbols.

Man cannot remove himself from this eternally valid law of struggle. Already his birth is the mother’s victory in the struggle for the existence of mankind. In his life, man must daily wrestle anew from nature every prerequisite for his existence, especially his clothing and nutrition. Man must replace nature’s difficult struggle for life with selection of the capable. It is a trait of racially healthy folks that they have the most difficult conditions for this selection…

The acceptance of struggle also [serves as] the prerequisite for character building. The real greatness of the human soul is only stamped by it. It constitutes the nobility of man, that he does not have to wage struggle due to natural bond, rather he can also wage it by his own decision. Struggle thereby becomes the expression of an attitude and thus of a spiritual occurrence. Only the idea gives man’s struggle a moral value.

Any struggle is degrading, if it is not born and waged from the decision to help a real idea triumph. Where a person fights for ignoble purposes, he supports what is hostile to life, he destroys culture, he sins against the life laws. We have examples of this from the working of Jewry, from the working of communism and from the doctrines of many denominational views.

From the struggle for genuine ideas, however, emerges the community of the like-minded, of the heroes. Whether the struggle is waged intellectually or with weapons, it demands the whole personality of man. Hence only the personality can be a perfect fighter. Only it will have the self-confidence and fearlessness that enable man to again and again master even the most disagreeable blows of fate. Here we see, aside from other examples from the history of our folk, the special example of the NSDAP and our worldview. The personality with firm character does not avoid struggle, regardless of whatever form it takes. Struggle imprints it with a genuine affirmation of life.

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Diplomatic and Military Chronology of the Third Reich 1934 – 1942

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Vindictive Jews


photo-search display of former SS members at Karlburg.

It’s not enough that every Jew who had lived in Europe during WW2 receives reparations, or that their allied henchmen destroyed German cities, killed  millions of civilians, and spent the last 75 years terrorizing the western world with their Holocaust Hoax. No, they need to hunt down every last German soldier , and Waffen SS volunteer. If they are deceased then it is fair game to go after the elderly widows. That is what is happening as the Jewish vindictive revenge lust continues force itself  on Germany and the European Union.

Jewish council president Josef Schuster told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper (NOZ) Monday that German authorities had a responsibility toward Holocaust victims to trace remaining ex-Nazi pension recipients and take “conclusive” steps.

It was an “unbearable situation,” said Schuster(((Oy Vey))), referring to a recent German government statement that more than 2,000 elderly, including deceased soldiers’s widows, still benefited from Germany’s Federal Pension Act (Bundesversorgungsgesetz).

Responding in February to a Left party question in the Bundestag parliament, the German government argued that it was difficult to identify war criminals, since pension documents did not include information on what the pensioners did or did not do during the war.

Since 1998, the act’s Article 1a proscribes intensive checks and denial of payment if the would-be beneficiary’s or widowed partner’s conduct had “violated the principles of humanity or the rule of law,” .You need to ask yourself  , who’s principles and who’s laws?

For a discussion on this story, presented by Sven Longshanks and Carolyn Yeager, turn on the radio.


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Be Anti-Semitic Or Die


No surprise that the recent  annual Policy Conference organized by AIPAC included lot’s of high profile politicians making the claim that antisemitism is unAmerican, when in fact it is the most patriotic stance one can take. Founded by Christians and nature deists with the mission of creating a new sovereign in each individual European man, America depends upon those willing to depose tyrants and defend truth with the highest ideals of fairness and justice.

Though edgy animation is not usually the kind of content regular readers are used to finding on ANS, I believe the new 3 part series “ZOAR” is at the zenith of the recent creative wake up of REAL Americans and well worth the time it takes to watch. Though on the surface produced to intrigue and interest   the edgy youth gamer culture, it doubles down in the heavy esoteric , and quite clearly explains the Jewish Problem.

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Hidden Government

hidden government

The author of this book was a regular soldier who served with distinction in the South African War and in the First World War. When he retired from the Army due to wounds received on active service, he settled down in an English country village and began to study politics and economics. He wanted to know

-Why honest Tommy Atkins had been compelled to fight peaceful Boer farmers and enable an International Diamond Syndicate to gain control of the South African mines?

—Why ten million men should have been slaughtered in the First World War (described as “a war to end wars”) when the subsequent Peace Treaty so obviously sowed the seeds for a second and more terrible conflict?

—Why the Banks of the world create money lavishly out of nothing to finance these wars and yet for peace, credit is immediately restricted?

—Why when the Second World War came “to defend the rights of small nations” these small nations were sold by their allies into a slavery worse than death?

Soon he came to realise what Disraeli had shown in one of his novels —”that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

In the early stages of his investigation he was bewildered and worried that great men whom he admired would make perhaps one brief reference continued on back to the “personages behind the scenes” and then forever hold their peace.

For nearly twenty years, Lt.-Col. Creagh Scott has been following up clues left by prominent men, for he has become convinced, as was Field-Marshall Smuts, that “there is some hidden pressure behind all the worries of Europe, Asia and America.”

The results of this investigation are given here in simple language so that the man in the street may come to his own conclusions.

Lest anyone should think that the title of the book suggests the realm of fiction let them ponder the words of the statesman Disraeli :—”Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.”

The author shows how the hidden hand controls the governments of both Capitalist and Communist countries.

“Jock” Creagh Scott was one of the founding members of our journal Candour, and the League of Empire Loyalists. Originally published in 1954.


You can purchase the 2017 fully authorized fifth edition from Candour here,  http://www.candour.org.uk/shop/4566209131

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